Precizon Presbyopic

Precizon Presbyopic is a hybrid, acrylic IOL with a CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) optic designed for the correction of presbyopia.

What makes this lens unique? CTF (Continuous Transitional Focus) optic

A CTF optic is an optic with an anterior surface with multiple segments for far and near. A smooth transition from far to near is achieved between the segments. This transition offers a constant defocus between the two sharp focal points, delivering excellent intermediate vision.

CTF is designed for: Natural Vision at all distances: The transitional zones of the CTF optic offer a full range of vision from near to infinity with a smooth continuous transition. The CTF aspheric surface forms a broad beam of light, a zone with an enhanced depth of focus with uninterrupted high-quality images for the brain to translate into clear vision at all distances.

Reducing Glare & Halos: The misalignment tolerance and the use of segments instead of concentric rings reduce photic phenomena thereby helping patients to adapt more naturally to their new vision.

Pupil independence: The distribution of the zones is such that in different pupil apertures, under different lighting conditions, the patient can always benefit from the same light distribution for near and far vision. Surgeons can opt for a 50/50 or a 60/40 far/near light distribution ratio.

Decentration tolerance: In cases of tilt or misalignment, the patient can still benefit from the same near and far vision as the segmented zones allow an equal and steady light distribution.

Veröffentlicht am 12.11.2018