EVRS European VitreoRetinal Society (Scientific Organization)
SARL European Vitreo Retinal Services Company (EVRSC) (Event-Organizer) Anja LEPPICH / CEO
61 Chemin du Mayne de Jouan
  • Vitreoretinal surgery has been the most astoundingly innovative subspecialty of ophthalmology in recent times and European ophthalmologists have been and are continuing to play major roles in keeping this an exciting and dynamic field.

    A group of high-volume European vitreoretinal surgeons decided to become active in 2001 in uniting European colleagues by establishing the

    European VitreoRetinal Society

    Nineteen years and just as many highly successful congresses later the EVRS has truly established itself as


    Since its inception it has also created a website second to none with enormous educational content available to all its members, has organized eighteen annual two-weekly training courses attended by nearly 900 enthusiastic participants from all over the world and meanwhile has extended its reach far beyond Europe.

    It boasts more than 2400 members and the last annual meeting was attended by vitreoretinal specialists from 75 countries.


    Our aims are to :

    • Share our expertise among each other for the mutual benefit of all.
    • Develop and promote new methods of teaching and student/master interaction in this highly complex field.
    • Facilitate dialogue among European colleagues.
    • Promote European ideas and techniques.
    • Become active in politics to ensure that we can provide our input in Brussels in matters concerning our future interests.


    Three different types of teaching are regularly offered:

    1. An annual congress in a different country each year.
      It is truly different from the standard meetings with their 6-8 minute non-stop presentations on numerous different topics and little or no discussion – there are enough of those already. At EVRS meetings the spotlight is directed to innovation, sharing of knowledge, a free atmosphere of mutual respect and extensive discussion among audience and presenters

    2. A 15 days “Vitreo-Retinal Training School” teaching the concepts, the strategies and the practical basis of vitreoretinal surgery to aspiring young surgeons eager to become proficient in this new field.

    3. An enormous website offering videos, complete presentations of previous meetings and a growing online encyclopedia (“EVpedia”) which one day is intended to be the continuously updated knowledgebase of our vitreoretinal field