Geuder Webinar: Ophthalmic Surgical Sutures - Basics and New Approaches

Even in the age of Artificial Intelligence, there remains the need for essential skills during ophthalmic surgical procedures. Let us discuss about basics, advanced suturing methods, and enhance your skills during our webinar.


March, 4th, 2021
17:30 – 18:30 CET

Start with a short introduction on basic techniques, needle types and suture materials. Deepen your knowledge on new approaches with our experts Prof. L.-O. Hattenbach, Dr. E. Chankiewitz, Dr. S. Suffo and Dr. L. Kodomskoi. Learn how to improve IOL fixation, iris reconstruction, penetrating keratoplasty and suture probe canaloplasty.


  • „Introduction to surgical sutures and their areas of application” Dr. Chankiewitz (Bremen, Germany)
  • „Transscleral IOL fixation and iris reconstruction” Prof. Hattenbach (Ludwigshafen , Germany)
  • „Penetrating keratoplasty with perfect running cross-stitch suture” Dr. Suffo (Homburg/Saar, Germany)
  • „360° suture probe canaloplasty“ Dr. Kodomskoi (Offenburg, Germany)
  • Panel Discussion

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