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11th International course on ophthalmic and oculoplastic reconstruction and trauma surgery

In-depth lectures and 14 hours of highly realistic hands-on trainings on the unmodified human tissue
1090 Wien, Österreich
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    08.01.2020 - 10.01.2020
    advanced ophthalmic trainings
    Trauma surgery in ophthalmology is of utmost importance and, as trauma is not a scheduled surgery, training possibilities are rare. The goal of this course is to provide the participants with theoretical and practical know-how to perform self-critical and self-suffi cient trauma and reconstructive surgery.To achieve this goal a very limited number of participants will be supplied with in-depth information on anterior segment, eye lid and lacrimal trauma / reconstructive surgery.
    Participants from Austria will receive 30 DFP points.


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    Proficiency in the theoretical foundations, the performance of different surgical techniques and the management
    of complications within complex oculoplastic and reconstructive operations of cornea, sclera, lids and lacrimal system.


    Content and programme:
    The 3 day course consists of compact lectures which cover the theoretical basics for the following extensive hands-on wet-labs.

    The main topics are:

    • Suturing techniques (corneal, scleral, lid, lacrimal)
    • Lid reconstruction (skin grafts)
    • Lacrimal reconstruction (silicon ring intubation, bicanaliculary intubation to the nose)
    • Corneal laceration and perforations
    • Scleral rupture
    • Corneal transplantation
    • Keratoplasty à chaud
    • Globe rupture


    The microsurgical training modules will be accompanied by lectures. Each participant will have a minimum duration of 14 hours
    for extensive hands-on surgeries on the human tissue.

    The programme of the first day concentrates on the theoretical background.
    In addition to lectures, the secondand third day focus mainly on intensive practical trainings.


    This in-depth workshop is addressed to hospital based ophthalmic surgeons and ophthalmologic practitioners
    to improve their theoretical and practical competence in a unique manner.

    Please note: Due to the extraordinary course setup the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 17 persons.


    Approach and method:
    The lectures are followed by a step-by-step approach. Assisted with video equipment the course directors will demonstrate
    live how to perform the adequate surgical procedure before you will work directly on your own human specimen.

    A team of medical instructors will respond to your questions taking your individual skills into consideration,
    give advice and personal assistance.

    Employees of advanced ophthalmic trainings will assist you with the surgical equipment. To keep concentration on a high level,
    several coffee breaks and lunch are included.


    Participants from Austria will receive 30 DFP points. All participants will receive a certificate at the end of the course.

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