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Congress of the European Society for International Ophthalmology
1202 Genève, Schweiz
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    21.11.2019, 13:30 - 23.11.2019, 14:50
    University of Geneva
    Annual conference in regards to Ophthalmology in emerging economies (developping countries) and ophthalmic aid.
    18 Points FMH (extended continuous education)


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    Full Conference Fee (3 days): 150.– CHF
    Daily Conference Fee (valuable only for 1 day): 75.– CHF
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    70,00 CHF
    Full Conference Fee (3 days): 150.– CHF
    Daily Conference Fee (valuable only for 1 day): 75.– CHF
    Trainee Conference Fee (3 days): 70.– CHF


    10.11.2019 Hinweis
    deadline for an inscription

    Thursday, November 21st, 2019   
      International Ophthalmology Teaching Day (mandatory for assistants UNIGE, UNIL) 
    1.30pm  Registration Panel: Dr Naama Hammel, Pr Nitin Verma, Dr Tarek Sharawy
    2pm Introduction and Welcoming  Pre Gabriele Thumann & Dr Andreas Kreis M Silvio Dolzan:
    Scientific Journalist & CJ (Radio Télévision Suisse)
    2.05pm  Introduction into International Ophthalmology  Dr Marcus Schulze-Schwering, Germany (Uni Tübingen, DOG)
    3.10pm  Glaucoma in Low Resource Countries of the Asia Pacific Region  Dr Mitchell Lawlor, Australia (ETEP, RANZCO)
    4pm AIDS in Africa: The Look Through the Eye of an Infectiologist  Dre Camilla Rothe, Germany (LMU)
    5.10pm  Anterior Segment: Challenges and Lessons Learned  Pr Martin Spitzer, Germany (UKE)
    6pm A Fellows Tales, SSO Fellow- East Timor Eye Program  Dr Daniel Lindegger, Switzerland (Uni Zürich)
    7.30pm  Sponsored Dinner for Society Founding Meeting  (Founding Members only, tbc, info will follow) 
    Friday, November 22nd, 2019   
    7.30am  Registration  
      GO and NGO: What brings the Future? Panel: Pr Rudolf Guthoff, Dr André Mermoud, Dr Silvio Mariotti  
    8am Introduction into the NGO World  Dr Marcus Schulze-Schwering & Silvio Dolzan 
    8.05am  The Future of Humanitarian Response and Eye Care  Dr. Heiko Philippin (CBM, Uni Freiburg) 
    8.50am  Passing on the Baton to the Government (Vision 2030)  Pr Nitin Verma, Australia (ETEP, RANZCO) 
    9.40am  Innovative Financing  Dr Hyacinthe Atobian, Togo (Swiss Red Cross) 
    10.50am   Difficulties and Managing of Fundraising  Gabriel Müller, Switzerland (Director Light for the World) 
    11.40am  Is Aid in Africa any Different to the Rest of the Emerging Economies?  Pr Serge Resnikoff, Switzerland (ICO, ICTC, OPC) 
      What Brings the Future of Aid? Panel: Pr Rudolf Guthoff, Dr André Mermoud, Dr Silvio Mariotti  
    2pm  Introduction of the Global Players in International  Ophthalmology  Dr A. Kreis & Mr Silvio Dolzan 
    2.05pm  What is International Ophthalmology Trying to Achieve? Pr Serge Resnikoff, Switzerland (ICO, ICTC, OPC) 
    3pm AI in Ophthalmology: Google Health  Dre Naama Hammel, USA (Google Health) 
    4.20pm  The Future of WHO-Ophthalmologie  Dr Silvio Mariotti, Switzerland (WHO) 
    5.20pm  The Worldbank and the Future of Aid  Toomas Palu, Switzerland (WorldBank) 
    7.30pm  ESIO-Dinner for Speakers (Biotech Institute)  
    Saturday, November 23rd, 2019   
      The Project Day: Rapid Fire Panel: Dr Mitchell Lawlor, Dr Tarek Sharawy, Prof Nitin Verma 
    8am Registration  
    9am Welcome & Introduction Project Day  Dr A Kreis
    9.05am  The Dutch Project Dr Jan Geert Bollemeijer, Netherlands
    9.25am  Malawi Eye Project and University of Tübingen Training Program  Dr Markus Schulze Schwering, Germany (Uni Tübingen, DOG)
    9.50am  Pediatric cataract surgery in Africa –Switching from  retrospective
    to postoperative study in the DRC
    Pr Rudolf Guthoff, Germany (DKVB, DOG) 
    10.15am  Global Trachoma Mapping Project and Tropical Data  Dre Emma Harding-Esch, United Kingdom (LSHTM)
    11am The ICO Fellowship Program  Pr Peter Gabel, Germany (ICO, DKVB, DOG)
    11.25am  The Mercy Ship and Vision For All: Four Years of Cooperation  Dre Ana Vergamota & Dr José Da Silva, Portugal (Vision for All)
    11.50am  Vitreoretinal Surgery in Africa  Dr Piet Noe, Rwanda (Vision for All)
    12.15pm  Creating a Congenital Glaucoma Network: Challenges and Rewards  Dr Tarek Shaarawy, Switzerland (Uni Geneva)
    2pm Eye care in the Karnali zone of Nepal: A Non Governmental Eye Care  Dr Red Cross, Nepal (Swiss Red Cross)
    2.25pm  Experiences from Belize Council for the Visually Impaired Carla Ayres Musa, Belize (BCVI)
    2.50pm  An app that makes it easy to refer patients: Lessons from South Africa  Dr William Mapham, South Africa (Uni Stellenbosch/Vulamobile)
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    Registration required. Please contact the organizer for further information.