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10th International course on ophthalmic and oculoplastic reconstruction and trauma surgery

In-depth lectures and 14 hours of highly realistic hands-on trainings on the unmodified human tissue
1090 Wien, Österreich
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    09.01.2019, 08:00 - 11.01.2019, 17:00
    advanced ophthalmic trainings
    Trauma surgery in ophthalmology is of utmost importance and, as trauma is not a scheduled surgery, training possibilities are rare. The goal of this course is to provide the participants with theoretical and practical know-how to perform self-critical and self-sufficient trauma and reconstructive surgery. To achieve this goal a very limited number of participants will be supplied with in-depth information on anterior segment, eye lid and lacrimal trauma / reconstructive surgery.


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  • January 09th 2019  
      Opening remarks
      Introduction and course overview
      Trauma Terminology
      Corneoscleral injuries, wound treatment and corneal suture techniques
      Keratoplasty à chaud
      Lid reconstruction – basics and techniques
      Use of operation microscopes for microsurgical procedures in Ophthalmology
    January 10th 2019  
      Video Session: Cornea surgical technique
      Corneal injuries, PKP - Hands-on Training
      Lecture: lacrimal system
      Lid reconstruction – Hands-on Training
      Free practicing
      Social evening at a typical Viennese location with authentic food
    January 11th 2019  
      Lacrimal system – Hands-on Training
      Chemical burns Transplantation of stem cells
      Free practicing
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    advanced ophthalmic trainings
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