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European University Professors of Ophthalmology EUPO 2019

Glaucoma and Cataract
06302 Nice, Frankreich
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    15.06.2019, 08:00 - 16.06.2019, 12:30
    EUPO European University Professors of Ophthalmology
    The 2019 EUPO course is the second in a series redesigned to match the topics of the four viva voces that each candidate will face when they take the EBO Diploma Examination to become a FEBO. The glaucoma syllabus is also a review of the European Glaucoma Society Guidelines in preparation for the EBO exam.


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  • Course Directors: 

    Glaucoma: Prof. Carlo E. Traverso

    Cataract: Prof. Marie-José Tassignon


    Saturday, 15 June 2019 


    8.00-8.15 Introduction to the EUPO Course
    8.00-8.05 Introduction EUPO, Tero Kivelä, President
    8.05-8.15 Introduction EUPO 2019 Course, Marie-José Tassignon, Course Director

    8.15-9.30 Glaucoma 1: Physiology and examination techniques, Moderators: Karl Mercieca, Luis Pinto
    8.15-8.35 Pathophysiology, Karl Mercieca (UK)
    8.35-8.55 Tonometry and pachymetry, Carlo Alberto Cutolo (Italy)
    8.55-9.15 Gonioscopy and anterior segment OCT, Luis Pinto (Portugal)
    9.15-9.35 Disc and RNFL exam, Michele Iester (Italy)

    9.35-10.00 Break

    10.00-11.45 Cataract 1: Pathophysiology and surgical techniques, Moderators: Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill, Ewa Mrukwa Kominek
    10.00-10.15 Optical characteristics of the cataractous lens, Per Söderberg (Sweden)
    10.15-10.30 IOL calculation: how precise are we?, Nino Hirnschall (Austria)
    10.30-10.45 IOL optics, Marie-José Tassignon (Belgium)
    10.45-11.00 Ideal wound shape and wound size, Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill (Belgium)
    11.00-11.15 What OVD to choose?, Sorcha Ni Dhubhghaill (Belgium)
    11.15-11.45 Round table: How do you diagnose these cases? Panel and audience

    11.45-13.15 Lunch

    13.15-14.00 SOE: Theodor Axenfeld Lecture
    13.15-14.00 A 20-year Journey Towards Gaining Insight into Glaucoma. The Thessaloniki Eye Study, Fotis Topouzis (Greece)

    14.15-15.45 Glaucoma 2: Visual fields and intraocular pressure, Moderators: Fotis Topouzis, Ingrida Janulieviciene
    14.15-14.35 Perimetry, Francisco Goni (Spain)
    14.35-14.55 Glaucoma classification/differential diagnosis, Fotis Topouzis (Greece)
    14.55-15.15 Treatment principles and Target IOP, Ingrida Janulieviciene (Lithuania)
    15.15-15.35 IOP-lowering medications, John Thygesen (Denmark)
    15.35-15.45 How do you diagnose this… Audience

    15.45-16.15 Break

    16.15-17.45 Cataract 2: Tips and tricks of the trade, Moderators: Rafael Barraquer, Nino Hirnschall
    16.15-16.30 Anterior capsulorhexis: how to excel, Johan Blanckaert (Belgium)
    16.30-16.45 Lens extraction techniques, Nic Reu (The Netherlands)
    16.45-17.00 Pediatric cataract surgery, Christian Billotte (France)
    17.00-17.15 Toric IOLs, corneal marking, Nino Hirnschall (Austria)
    17.15-17.30 Myth and reality about accommodative/EDOF IOLs, Rafael Barraquer (Spain)
    17.30-17.45 How do I treat this patient… Audience


    Sunday, 16 June 2019


    8.00-9.30 Glaucoma 3: Is medication not enough?, Moderators: Carlo Traverso, Gordana Sunaric-Megevand
    8.00-8.20 Laser treatment, Anton Hommer (Austria)
    8.20-8.40 Filtration surgery, Barbara Cvenkel (Slovenia)
    8.40-9.00 Alternative IOP lowering surgery, Gordana Sunaric Megevand (Switzerland)
    8.00-9.20 Phacoemulsification in glaucoma, Carlo Traverso (Italy)
    9.20-9.30 How do I treat this patient… Audience

    9.30-10.00 Break

    10.00-11.30 Cataract 3: The going gets tough, Moderators: Christian Billotte, Tillmann Eckert
    10.00-10.15 When to call the vitreoretinal surgeon? Leigh Spielberg (Belgium)
    10.15-10.30 Postoperative retinal detachment, Tillman Eckert (Germany)
    10.30-10.45 Pseudophakic macular oedema, Laura Wielders (The Netherlands)
    10.45-11.00 Pre- and postoperative prevention of endophthalmitis, Ewa Mrukwa Kominek (Poland)
    11.00-11.15 Cataract and uveitis, Luc Van Os (Belgium)
    11.15-11.30 What to do when I see… Audience

    11.30-11.45 Break

    11.45-12.15 Round table: My job is difficult!
    Panel and audience

    12.15-12.30 Closing and farewell
    Carlo Traverso, Course Director

  • Nice Acropolis Convention Centre

    EUPO European University Professors of Ophthalmology
    Marlene Verlaeckt
    Kapucijnenvoer 33
    BE - 3000 Leuven





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