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7th International AMD-Symposium

7th International DOG-Symposium on Age-Related Macular Degeneration - Exploring new pathways – developing new therapies -
76530 Baden-Baden, Baden-Württemberg Deutschland
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    20.09.2019, 08:30 - 21.09.2019, 17:30
    Augenabteilung am St. Franziskus-Hospital Münster
    The 7th International AMD-Symposium will be held in Baden-Baden, Germany. Major topics concern age-related macular degeneration and applied science in AMD respectively. The symposium is directed by Professor Daniel Pauleikhoff.


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    Friday, 20th September 2019


    08:30 Opening remarks and welcome
    Daniel Pauleikhoff (Münster)
    Frank G. Holz (Bonn)


    08:45 - 10:15 1st Session - AMD basics
    SriniVas Sadda (Los Angeles/USA)
    Steffen Schmitz-Valkenberg (Bonn)


    1 L
    Alan C. Bird (London/GB)
    Why the macula? – Learnings from the MacTel project


    2 L
    Philip J. Luthert (London/GB)
    Cellular structures - computational biology of the macula


    3 L
    Christine A. Curcio, D. Kar, D.M. Dacey, D.M.G. Anderson, A. Kotnala, K.L. Schey (Birmingham/USA., Seattle/USA, Nashville/USA)
    Molecular microarchitecture of macula in health and AMD


    4 L
    Robert Mullins (Iowa City/USA)
    Addressing choriocapillaris degeneration in AMD: Cause, consequences, and potential therapies


    5 L
    Sandra Liakopoulos (Cologne/D)
    Macular Imaging - Morphology and changes in AMD and aging?


    6 L
    Marius Ueffing (Tübingen/D)
    Using cell lines - identify, model and validate AMD risk factors and disease drivers


    7 P
    Anita de Breuk, I.E. Acar, E. Kersten, M.M.V.A.P. Schijvenaars, M.A. Meester-Smoor, C. Delcourt, C.C.W. Klaver,
    J. Monés, D. Pauleikhoff, R. Silva, S. Fauser, C.B. Hoyng, M.J.H. Coenen, A.I. den Hollander, EYE-RISK Consortium
    (Nijmegen/NL, Rotterdam/NL, Bordeaux/F, Barcelona/E, Münster/D, Coimbra/P, Cologne/D)
    Development of a Genotyping Assay for AMD: The EYE-RISK Consortium


    8 P
    Thomas J. Heesterbeek, E.K. de Jong, I.E. Acar, J.M.M. Groenewoud, B. Liefers, C.I. Sánchez,
    T. Peto, C.B. Hoyng, D. Pauleikhoff, H.W. Hense, A.I. den Hollander
    (Nijmegen/NL, Belfast/GB, Münster/D)
    Genetic Risk Score has added value over initial clinical grading stage in predicting disease progression in patients
    with non-advanced age-related macular degeneration – The Muenster Aging and Retina Study (MARS)


    10:15 - 10:45 - Coffee break in the industrial exhibition area



    10:45 - 12:30 2nd Session - Genetics and risk factors of AMD
    Carel B. Hoyng (Nijmegen/NL)
    Bernhard H.F. Weber (Regensburg/D)



    9 L
    Bernhard H.F. Weber (Regensburg/D)
    AMD – Searching for targeted therapies


    10 L
    Carel B. Hoyng (Nijmegen/NL)
    AMD genotype-phenotype correlation?


    11 L
    Magda A. Meester-Smoor, C.C.W. Klaver (Rotterdam/NL)
    EyeRisk Study – risk factors for AMD phenotypes and progression?


    12 L
    Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan/I)
    How to differentiate GA phenotypes – the CAM initiative


    13 L
    Frank G. Holz, S. Schmitz-Valckenberg, M. Schmid, G.S. Rubin, H. Dunbar, A. Tufail, D.P. Crabb, A. Binns,
    C.I. Sánchez, P. Margaron, G. Normand, M.K. Durbin, U.F.O. Luhmann, P. Zamiri, J. Cunha-Vaz, F. Asmus F, R.P. Finger,
    on behalf of the MACUSTAR consortium Intermediate AMD – the Macustar project


    14 L
    Steffen Schmitz-Valkenberg (Bonn/D)
    Challenges in phenotyping geographic atrophy


    15 L
    Andrew Lotery, J R. Sutton, S. Khandhadia, G. Menon, C. Bailey, S. Sivasprasad, Q. Mohamed, P. Bishop, P. Charbel Issa,
    D. Steel, T. Peto, W. Amoaku, R. Arora, P. Prakash, W. Innes, R. Maclaren, D. Kavanagh
    (Southampton/GB, Camberley/GB, Bristol/GB, London/GB, Cheltenham/GB, Manchester/GB, Oxford/GB,
    Sunderland/GB, Nottingham/GB, Salisbury/GB, Harlow/GB, Newcastle/GB)
    Rare genetic variants in geographic atrophy


    16 L
    Sobha Sivaprasad (London/GB)
    Early loss of color vision on drusen and reticular pseudodrusen


    12:30 - 13:45 - Lunch



    13:45 - 15:45 3rd Session - Complement, inflammation and cellular energetics in AMD
    Philip J. Luthert (London/GB)
    Marius Ueffing (Tübingen/D)



    17 L
    Gregory S. Hageman, C.M. Pappas, R.A. Anstadt, J.Liu, B.L. Williams, N.A. Seager, J.L. Hageman,
    M. Zouache, K. Curtin, B.T. Richards (Salt Lake City/USA)
    Complement-directed AMD is a distinct, genotype-driven subset of the disease


    18 L
    Bradley D. Gelfand, J. Ambati (Charlottesville/USA)
    Inflammasome in AMD


    19 L
    Tim U. Krohne, L. Wang, S. Schmidt, J. Rossa, P.P. Larsen, J.H. Meyer, W.R. Roush, E. Latz, F.G. Holz (Bonn/D, Boston/USA)
    NLRP3 inflammasome as a therapeutic target in AMD


    20 L
    Glen Jeffery (London/GB)
    Mitochondrial decline precedes phenotype development in the complement factor H
    mouse model of retinal degeneration but can be corrected by near infrared light


    21 L
    Imre Lengyel (Belfast/IRL)
    Is mineralization a major factor in drusen pathogenesis?


    22 P
    Martin Zinkernagel, D. Zysset, I. Keller, L. Berger, B. Yilmaz, S. Wolf (Bern/CH)
    Associations of the intestinal microbiome with AMD


    23 P
    Ilhan Erkin Acar, L. Lores de Motta, M.A. Meester, S. Ajana, D. Pauleikhoff, S. Fauser, C.B. Hoyng,
    C. Delcourt, C.C.W. Klaver, T.E. Galesloot, A.I. den Hollander
    (Nijmegen/NL, Rotterdam/NL, Bordeaux/F, Münster/D, Cologne/D)
    Metabolomics identifies lipoprotein subclasses and dietary metabolites that are associated with AMD: The EYE-RISK Consortium


    24 P
    Yara Lechanteur, T. Heesterbeek, L. Lorés-Motta, T. Schick, M. Daha, L. Altay, S. Liakopoulos, D. Smailhodzic,
    A. den Hollander, C. Hoyng, E. de Jong, B. Klevering
    (Nijmegen/NL, Cologne/D, Leiden/NL)
    Complement activation levels are related to disease stage in AMD


    25 P
    Laura Lorés de Motta, V. Cipriani, F. He, D. Fathalla, S. McHarg, N. Bayatti, I.E. Acar, C.C.B. Hoyng, S. Fauser,
    A. Moore, J.R.W. Yates, P. Morgan, E.K. de Jong, A.I. den Hollander, P.N. Bishop, S.J. Clark
    (Nijmegen/NL, London/GB Manchester/GB, Cardiff/GB, Cologne/D, Basel/CH, San Francisco/USA, Cambridge/GB,)
    Factor H-Related Protein 4 (FHR-4) drives complement dysregulation in AMD


    26 P
    Anja Schlecht, P. Wieghofer, P. Zhang, S. Bonvea, M. Gruber, R. Sankowski, G. Schlunck, H. Agostini, M. Prinz, C. Lange
    (Freiburg i.Br./D, Leipzig/D)
    Identification of myeloid cell populations at sites of laser-induced choroidal neovascularization by single-cell profiling


    27 P
    Alexa Klettner, K. Winkelmann, A. Brinkmann, T. Käckenmeister, J. Roider (Kiel/D)
    Effect of long-term inflammation on viability and function of RPE cells


    15:45 - 16:15 Coffee break



    16:15 - 17:40 4th Session - Neurobiology of the outer retina I
    Deborah A. Ferrington (Minneapolis/USA)
    John G. Flannery (Berkley/USA)



    28 L
    Thomas Langmann, A. Wolf (Cologne/D)
    Microglia as important part of the retina: Its role in AMD


    29 P
    Clemens Lange, A. Schlecht, S. Boneva, J. Wolf, P. Zhang, G. Prinz, R. Horres, F. Bucher, C. Auw-Haedrich,
    L. Hansen, A. Stahl, I. Hilgendorf, H. Agostini, P. Wieghofer, G. Schlunck
    (Freiburg i.Br./D, Frankfurt/D, Greifswald/D, Leipzig/D)
    Transcriptomic characterization of human choroidal neovascular membranes
    identifies calprotectin as a novel biomarker for patients with AMD


    30 L
    Rajendra S. Apte (St. Louis/USA)
    Animal model for AMD interfering lipid trafficking


    31 P
    Christian Grimm, F. Storti, T. Hornemann, A. den Hollander, C. Maugeais
    (Schlieren/CH, Nijmegen/NL, Basel/CH)
    Impaired function of the lipid transporters ABCA1 and ABCG1 in the RPE leads to an AMD-like phenotype in mice


    32 L
    Nicolas Bazan (New Orleans/USA, Stockholm/S)
    Elovanoids are novel photoreceptor survival signals relevant to AMD


    33 L
    Clare Futter (London/GB)
    Lysosome dysfunction in the RPE and its role in early AMD


    34 L
    Gerard A. Lutty, S. Ogura, R. Baldeosingh, D.S. McLeod, M.M. Edwards, I.A. Bhutto (Baltimore/USA)
    Mast cell involvement in geographic atrophy



    17:40 - 18:00 Lecture in memory of Gerhard Zinser
    Frank G. Holz
    Daniel Pauleikhoff


    Josef F. Bille (Heidelberg/D)
    Past, present and new horizons in imaging analysis - The heritage of Gerhard Zinser


    19:30 - Reception at “Brenner’s Park Hotel”


    20:00 - Gala dinner




    Saturday, 21th September 2019



    08:30 - 10:00 5th Session - Neurobiology of the outer retina II
    Thomas Langmann (Cologne/D)
    Anneke den Hollander (Nijmegen/NL)


    36 L
    Janet Sparrow (Boston/USA)
    Is lipofuscin a relevant factor in the pathogenesis of AMD?


    37 P
    Thomas Ach, K. Bermond, J. A. Gambril, C. Wobbe, A. Berlin,
    R. Heintzmann, K.R. Sloan, C.A. Curcio (Würzburg/D, Jena/D, Birmingham/USA)
    Cellular and subcellular changes in the RPE: from normal aging to early signs of AMD


    38 L
    Deborah A. Ferrington (Minneapolis/USA)
    Primary RPE cultures from donors with AMD


    39 P
    Stephanie C. Joachim, N. Wagner, M. Gammel, A. Greulich, S. Reinehr, J. Hurst, H.B. Dick, S. Schnichels (Bochum/D, Tübingen/D)
    Novel porcine organ culture model for AMD research


    40 L
    Anneke den Hollander (Nijmegen/NL)
    Understanding disease mechanisms in AMD: From serum biomarkers to an organ-on-a-chip model for AMD


    41 L
    John G. Flannery, M.H. Berry, A. Holt, A. Salari, J. Veit, M. Visel, J. Levitz, K. Aghi, B. Gaub, B. Sivyer, E. Isacoff
    (California/USA, Oregon/USA, New York/USA, Zürich/CH)
    Restoration of high-sensitivity and adapting vision with a cone opsin


    42 L
    Volker Busskamp (Bonn/D)
    Programming human stem cells to cone photoreceptors


    43 P
    Giuliana Gagliardi, D.M. Feitosa-Afonsso, Y.B. Arik, J. Heesterbeek, C.B. Hoyng, A.D. van der Meer, A.I. den Hollander
    (Nijmegen/NL, Enschede/NL)
    Using human-induced pluripotent stem cells for modelling the blood-retinal-barrier on-a-chip



    10:00 - 10:45 6th Session - Rapid Fire Presentations



    11:15 - 13:00 7th Session - Phenotyping AMD: Advances in Imaging
    Richard F. Spaide (New York/USA)
    Giovanni Staurenghi (Milan/I)


    44 L
    SriniVas Sadda (Los Angeles/USA)
    Choriocapillaris status as a risk factor in AMD


    45 L
    Philip J. Rosenfeld (Miami/USA)
    Choriocapillaris imaging using SS-OCT angiography in AMD


    46 P
    Martin Hammer, R. Schultz, D. Meller (Jena/D)
    Clinicopathologic comparison of fluorescence lifetimes and spectral characteristics in AMD


    47 L
    Sebastian Wolf, C. Dysli, M.S. Zinkernagel (Bern/CH)
    Fluorescence lifetimes in AMD


    48 P
    Lydia Sauer, A.S. Vitale, N.K. Modersitzki, E.D. Hansen, C. B. Komanski, P.S. Bernstein (Salt Lake City/USA)
    Imaging of AMD with FLIO


    49 L
    Adam Dubis (London/GB)
    Adaptive optics photoreceptor imaging, function and survival in AMD


    50 P
    Thomas Theelen, P.P.A. Dhooge, T.W.F. Mulders, C.B. Hoyng (Nijmegen/NL)
    In vivo photoreceptor imaging by non-adaptive optics confocal scanning laser ophthalmoscopy


    51 P
    R. Theodore Smith, K.B. Freund (New York City/USA)
    Quantitative fundus autofluorescence (qAF) of GA secondary to AMD


    52 L
    Daniel F. Martin (Cleveland/USA)
    Why did GA trials fail - how to overcome obstacles?


    53 P
    Victor Chong (Ingelheim/D)
    Neuroprotection as a therapeutic option for GA


    13:00 - 14:00 - Lunch



    14:00 - 17:30 8th Session - Dissecting AMD: Novel approaches
    Frank G. Holz (Bonn/D)
    Daniel Pauleikhoff (Mpnster/D)



    54 L
    Adnan Tufail (London/GB)
    Application of deep learning-based automated segmentation in OCT on AMD


    55 L
    Aaron Lee (Washington/USA)
    Deep learning applications with OCT in AMD


    56 L
    Karl Csaky, M. Oulette, C. Clark (Dallas/USA, Plano/USA)
    Developing human based intuitive deep learning
    algorithms for analyzing intermediate AMD OCT-Images


    57 L
    Glenn J. Jaffe (Durham/GB)
    Challenges of clinical relevant phenotyping of exudative AMD


    58 L
    Richard F. Spaide (New York/USA)
    OCT-angiography – dissecting neovasular AMD


    59 L
    Giuseppe Querques, R. Sacconi, V. Capuano, A. Carnevali, D. Colantuono, M. Battista, E. Borrelli,
    A. Miere, M.Parravano, E. Costanzo, L. Querques, E.H. Souied, F. Bandello
    (Milan/Creteil/F, Catanzaro/I, Rome/I)
    „Quiescent“ CNV in AMD – characteristics and consequences


    60 P
    Maximilian Pfau, L. von der Emde, C. Dysli, P.T. Möller, S. Thiele, M. Lindner, M. Schmid,
    S. Schmitz-Valckenberg, F.G. Holz, M. Fleckenstein
    (Bonn/D, Bern/CH, Oxford/GB)
    Type-1 choroidal neovascularization reduces the progression of atrophy in eyes with AMD


    61 L
    David Sarraf (Los Angeles/USA)
    Mechanisms and pathways of PED development in neovascular AMD


    62 L
    K. Bailey Freund (New York City/USA)
    Type 3 CNV – a specific phenotype?


    63 L
    John Marshall (London/GB)
    Can a nanosecond beam modulated laser improve transport mechanisms and delaying progression towards late AMD?


    64 L
    Robyn Guymer - LEAD study team (Melbourne/AUS)
    Natural history and modulation of drusen by laser:
    The LEAD randomized controlled trial of sub-threshold nanosecond laser intervention in AMD


    65 L
    Eric Souied (Paris/F)
    Scarring of CNV – differentiation by multimodal imaging?


    66 L
    Daniel Pauleikhoff, M.L. Farecki, H. Faatz, K. Rothaus, G. Spital, A. Lommatzsch (Münster/D)
    Mathematical characterization of CNV before and under anti-VEGF-therapy


    67 L
    Usha Chakravarthy, B. Reeves, R. Evans, C. Rogers (Belfast/GB, Bristol/GB)
    Extended follow up from the IVAN trial


    68 P
    Heinrich Gerding (Olten/CH)
    10 years anti-VEGF treatment outcomes on neovascular AMD


    69 L
    Ricarda G. Schumann, V. Deiters, S.R. Günther, D. Vogt, J. Siedlecki, S.G. Priglinger (Munich/D)
    Long-term visual acuity outcomes and anatomic results from anti-VEGF-therapy in patients with neovascular AMD in a real-life setting


    70 P
    Jakob Siedlecki, C. Fischer, B. Schworm, T.C. Kreutzer, K. Kortüm, R. Schumann, A. Wolf, S.G. Priglinger (Munich/D)
    Long-term incidence of macular atrophy and clinical outcomes in neovascular AMD managed to sub-retinal fluid only


    17:30 Adjourn
    Frank G. Holz
    Daniel Pauleikhoff

  • Kongresshaus Baden-Baden

    Congress-Organisation Gerling GmbH
    Werftstraße 23
    DE - 40549 Düsseldorf
    Tel.: +49 (0)211 592 244
    Fax: +49 (0)211 593 560


    Prof. Dr. Daniel Pauleikhoff
    St. Franziskus Hospital -Augenabteilung-
    Hohenzollernring 74, 48145 Münster
    Tel.: (+49) 02 51 / 93 52-7 11
    Fax: (+49) 02 51 / 93 52-7 19


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