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Presbyopia 2018

10th Annual ISOP Meeting
1020 Wien, Österreich
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    21.09.2018, 07:30 - 19:00
    International Society of Presbyopia (ISOP)
    The Annual ISOP Presbyopia Meeting 2018 will be held in Vienna, Austria. International faculty are invited and will report about current issues, advances and news on presbyopia. The meeting totals several sessions in which topics such as biomechanics, presbyopia diagnostics, demographics, corneal and lenticular methods for presbyopia correction and many more.


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    250,00 EUR
    Registration fee: € 250 (EUR) or $ 295 (USD)

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    Teilnehmer max.

    Gebühren ab
    250,00 EUR
    Registration fee: € 250 (EUR) or $ 295 (USD)


    01.06.2018 Hinweis
  • 7:30-8:00   Breakfast   MuTH Prefunction Lobby
    8:00-8:05   Welcome   Daniel Neal, PhD
    8:02-8:05   Acknowledgements   Keith Holliday, PhD
        Session I: Pesbyopic Vision Measurement & Simulation    Daniel Neal, PhD & Susana Marcos, PhD
    8:05-8:15   TBD      
    8:15-8:25   On Bench Simulations of Multifocal IOL Performance   Maria S. Millan, PhD
    8:25-8:35   Simulating Presbyopic Corrections with a Headmounted Binocular Simultaneous Vision Simulator   Maria Vinas, PhD
    8:35-8:45   Intraocular Disparity and Binocular Summation   Kurt Moody, PhD
    8:45-8:52   Open Discussion       
        Session II: Extended Depth of Field Approaches    Keith Holliday, PhD 
    8:52-9:02   Standards for Extended Depth of Field IOLs   Sanjeev Kasthurirangan, PhD 
    9:02-9:12   Acufocus IC8   Sathish Srinivasan, MD
    9:12-9:22   The EDOF ICL   Robert Ang, MD
    9:22-9:32   LASIK EDOF   Dan Reinstein, MD
    9:32-9:38   Binocular Asphereicity Modulation Laser Treatment for Presbyopia Compensation: Basic Key and Future Prospect   Charles Ghenessia, PhD 
    9:38-9:48   Optical and Clinical Characteristics of a Novel Monofocal EDF IOL   Mark Packer, MD
    9:48-9:58   Corneal Allografts for Presbyopia Corrections   Michael Mrochen, PhD
    9:58-10:04   Kamra   Sami Alrabiah
    10:04-10:14   Open Discussion       
    10:14-10:34   Coffee Break       
        Session III: Multifocal Approaches    Susana Marcos, PhD & Daniel Neal, PhD
    10:34-10:44   FineVision Trifocal IOLs: Measuring and Modulating  Chromatic Aberration   Damien Gatinel MD, PhD
    10:44-10:54   New insights on the Panoptix IOL   Raj Suryakumar, BSOptom, PhD
    10:54-11:04   Zeiss AT-Lisa: Clinical Evaluation of a MF IOL   Steven Schallhorn, MD
    11:04-11:14   Effect of Angle Kappa in Distance Performance for Diffractive Presbyopia Correcting IOLs   Aixa Alarcon, PhD
    11:14-11:20   The Presbia Flexivue Microlens: USA FDA Trial Personal Results-36 Months   Karl Stonecipher, MD
    11:20-11:26   Presbyopic Optical Approach In Soft Contact Lenses   Kurt Moody, PhD
    11:26-11:32   Obtaining Depth of Field with Mono-focal IOL Using a New Biometric Formula, Principle and Results   Paulo Vinciguerra, MD
    11:32-11:39   Open Discussion      
        SessionIV: Case Study Debates    Keith Holliday, PhD 
    11:39-11:43   52 Year Old Male with -3.00D Myopia - RLE with MF IOL       
    11:43-11:47   52 Year Old Male with -3.00D Myopia - Custom LASIK Monovision       
    11:47-11:51   Open Discussion       
    11:51-11:55   Case Study      
    11:55-11:59   Case Study      
    11:59-12:03   Open Discussion       
    12:03-13:18   Luncheon for all attendees       
        Session V: Presbyopia Products: From the Brain to the Eye    Keith Holliday, PhD 
    13:18-13:28   Inspiration then Perspiration   Keith Holliday, PhD
    13:28-13:38   Financial Feasibility   Michael Lachman
    13:38-13:48   Regulatory Approvals Including New European Rules   TBD
    13:48-13:58   Marketing a New Presbyopic Product    Yari Mitchell
    13:58-14:08   Incorporation of a New Presbyopic Product in a Clinic    Detlev Breyer, MD
        Session VI: Controversies in Presbyopia   Keith Holliday, PhD 
    14:08-14:16   Corneal Correction of Presbyopia Didn’t Work   Julian Stevens, MD
    14:16-14:24   Corneal Correction of Presbyopia is Alive and Well   Robert Ang, MD
    14:24-14:32    Debate      
        Session VII: Fundamentals of Crystalline Lens Accomodation    Satish Herekar 
    14:32-14:40   Dynamic Imaging of Accommodation with OCT   Marco Ruggeri, PhD
    14:40-14:46   CL Accommodation: Insights from Kejako    Michael Assouline, MD, PhD
    14:46-14:56   Accommodation and Presbyopia: Aging Changes of the Ciliary Muscle, Ciliary Process' and the Lens    Mary Ann Croft, MS
    14:56-15:08   Measurement of Accommodation   Adrian Glasser, PhD
    15:08-15:23   Fundamentals of Accommodation   Jackson Coleman, MD
    15:23-15:33   Open Discussion      
    15:33-15:48    Coffee Break      
        Session VIII: Advances in Restoration of Accomodation    Satish Herekar 
    15:48-15:56   Phacotripsy & Presbytripsy-A New Paradigm for Restoration   Axi Holmström
    15:56-16:04   Presbyopia Restoration Treatment Planning   Harald Studer, MD
    16:04-16:14   Presbyopia Corrections with 2 New Devices: Clinical Results   Pavel Stodulka, MD
    16:14-16:22   Finite Element Analysis of Effects of scleral Therapy on Biomechanics of Accomodation: Accomodation Restoration the New Frontier in Ophthalmology    AnnMarie Hipsley, DPT, PhD
    16:22-16:30   New Surgical Opportunities and Clinical Applications from Advances in Ophthalmic Laser Technology    Mitch Jackson, MD
    16:30-16:40   Scleral Implants for Presbyopia Treatment: Analysis of Subsample of Patients at 24 Months    Barrie Soloway, MD
    16:40-16:48   Suppression of Presbyopia Progression with Pirenoxine Eye Drop    Kazuno Negishi, MD
    16:48-16:58   Open Discussion       
        Session IX: Accomodating IOLs    Keith Holliday
    16:58-17:08   AkkoLens’ Lumina AIOL: Implantable in the Sulcus OR the Capsular bag!   Michiel Rombach, PhD
    17:08-17:18   Enabling Techniques for AIOLs: In Vivo Capsular Bag Quantification and Pheotobonding-Based Engagement    Susana Marcos, PhD
    17:18-17:28   WIOL   TBD
    17:28-17:38   LensGen   Ramgopal Rao
    17:38-17:45   Discussion      
    17:45-17:50   Closing Remarks   Dan Neal, PhD
    17:50-18:50    Reception       
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    International Society of Presbyopia (ISOP)
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