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3rd Trends in Glaucoma

International Meeting on New Imaging Technologies, Lasers and Glaucoma Surgery
08035 Barcelona, Spanien
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    09.11.2018, 09:00 - 10.11.2018, 14:00
    Instituto de Microcirugia Ocular (IMO)
    Trends in Glaucoma is an international congress organised by IMO Foundation on the disease. The 2 previous editions of this meeting have been attended by a large number of the main international experts, whom highlighted its great success for the sharing and updating of knowledge on the handling of this multi-factorial condition with many therapeutic options.


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        Friday, 9 November       
    08:00   Registration, collection of badges and coffee for networking      
    09:00   New Developments in the Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma since the last Edition    Moderators: Dr. Silvia Freixes & Dr. Gema Rebolleda
        Retinographies in the 21st century.   Dr. Marta Castany
        Angio-OCT in glaucoma: from theory to practice.   Dr. Gema Rebolleda
        The role of macular OCT in the diagnosis and management of glaucoma.   Dr. Marta Pazos
        Can we predict or detect progression by studying the lamina cribrosa?   Dr. Gema Rebolleda
        New office diagnostics to improve glaucoma management.    Dr. Ike K. Ahmed
        Discussion of clinical cases.    
    10:30   Coffee Break      
    11:00   Advances in Medical and Laser Treatment for Glaucoma    Moderators: Dr. Susana Duch & Dr. Francisco Ruiz-Tolosa
        Medical treatment of glaucoma today.   Dr. Jesus Hernandez-Barahona
        Glaucoma as a neurodegenerative disease: role of neuroprotection.   Dr. Pedro Corsino Fernandez Vila
        How glaucoma affects the quality of life of our patients.   Dr. Esperanza Gutierrez
        Not all diode lasers are the same: cyclophotocoagulation with a G probe vs. MP3 probe:      
        >Micropulse diode laser G6. Dr Francisco Ruiz-Tolosa.   Dr. Francisco Ruiz-Tolosa
        >Continuous diode laser. Dr Silvia Sanz.   Dr. Silvia Sanz
        Current trends in trabeculoplasty. Our results with MLT.   Dr. Laia Pascual
        SLT – why is it an interesting choice?   Dr. Susana Duch
        Discussion of clinical cases.      
    12:30   KEYNOTE LECTURE. Interventional glaucoma: a new mindset enabled by novel technology   Dr. Ike K. Ahmed
    13:15   Lunch      
    14:45   Pediatric Glaucoma in 2018    Moderators: Dr. Elena Arrondo & Dr. John Brookes
        Diagnostic tests in childhood glaucoma.   Dr. Carmen Mendez
        Childhood pathology – when to think about glaucoma.   Dr. Charlotte Wolley Dod.
        Primary congenital glaucoma: my angle surgery of choice and other options, if it fails.   Dr. Elena Bitrian, Dr. John Brookes, Dr. Julian Garcia Feijoo & Dr. Alicia Serra
        Discussion of clinical cases.      
    16:30   CONFERENCE. My experience with glaucoma in developing countries.   Dr. Jordi Loscos 
    16:45   Coffee Break      
    17:15   The Conjunctiva: Keys to Success with our Filtering Surgeries   Moderators: Dr. Deborah Kamal & Dr. Laia Pascual 
        Pharmacological toxicity on the eye surface.      
        How to prepare the conjunctiva for a filtering surgery.      
        Study of the filtering bleb with anterior segment OCT (AS-OCT).       
        Modifications of my filtering surgery to improve bleb survival:      
        >Trabulectomy   Dr. John Brookes
        >Non-penetrating deep sclerectomy   Dr. Elena Arrondo
        >Ahmed valve   Dr. Silvia Feixes
        How do I get single-digit pressures?   Dr. Deborah Kamal
        I do not worry about the conjunctiva: I perform a canaloplasty.   Dr. Artiz Urcola
        Discussion and closure.      
        Saturday, 10 November       
    09:00   Cutting-Edge Glaucoma Surgeries. Where Do They Fit?   Moderators: Dr. Ike K. Ahmed & Dr. Keith Barton 
        MIGS overview.   Dr. Ike K. Ahmed
        Tips and tricks for MIGS with and without a filtering bleb.   Dr. Keith Barton 
        Interactive round table. Indications for MIGS in different glaucoma scenarios.       
    11:30   Coffee Break      
    12:00   Key to Success in Glaucoma Drainage Devices    Moderators: Dr. Maria Isabel Canut & Dr. Silvia Feixes 
        Advantages and disadvantages of the different glaucoma drainage devices.   Dr. Esperanza Gutierrez
        Tips and tricks in my Baerveldt tubes.   Dr. Keith Barton
        Restrictive mechanisms in glaucoma drainage devices to avoid complications.   Dr. Maria Isabel Canut
        Strabismus after glaucoma surgery.    Dr. Ana Wert
    13:00   Cinema Session: The Best Tips and Tricks    Presenters: Dr. Elena Arrondo, Dr. Silvia Feixes & Dr. Laia Pascual 
        Videos with Surgical Cases      
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