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ART 2017

15th Advanced Retinal Therapy Symposium
1010 Wien, Österreich
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    Univ.-Klinik für Augenheilkunde und Optometrie Wien
    The Medical School of the Vienna Universy is hosting the 15th Advanced Retinal Therapy (ART) Symposium. Three main sessions feature the topics vitreoretinal surgery. Furthermore, a keynote lecture provides by Bart de Witte will be held. The two panel discussions about classical and unusual cases and dilemmas and solutions in the management of retinal disease will round off the program.
    After the meeting participants will recieve 8 DFP-Credits.


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  • 07:30   Registration      
    08:30-08:45   Welcome & Opening   Prof. Dr. Ursula Schmidt-Erfurt
    08:45   Session I - The real world    Chairs: Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth, Sobha Sivaprasad
        Reasons for vision loss in the era of anti-VEGF therapy: A global perspective   Daniel Barthelmes
        Real World Vienna: Outcomes and procedures   Bianca Gerendas
        How Treat&Extend should be handled: Outcomes and retreatment criteria   Jennifer Arnold
        Pigment epithelial detachment in diagnosis and therapy   Michaella Goldstein
    10:30   Coffee Break      
    10:00   PANEL DISCUSSION: Dilemmas and solutions in the management of retinal disease   Moderator: Ursula Schmidt-Erfurth
        Panelists: Daniel Barthelmes, Bailey Freund, Jennifer Arnold, Michaella Goldstein, Sobha Sivaprasad      
    11:00   Session II – An update in OCT   Chairs: Bailey Freund, Eric Moult
        Break-throughs in quantitative optical coherence tomography   Eric Moult
        How much peeling is useful in macular surgery   Darius Moshfeghi
        Diabetic retinopathy: Lasers, drugs and surgery   Sophie Bakri
    12:15   PANEL DISCUSSION: Classical and unusual cases   Moderator: Bailey Freund
        Panelists: Cynthia Toth, Jennifer Arnold, Sobha Sivaprasad, Pearse Keane, Michael Abramoff      
    12:45   Lunch Break       
    13:45   KEYNOTE LECTURE: The future is here to stay - Artificial intelligence in medicine: Present and Future   Bart de Witte
    14:45   Session III – Future developments and innovations   Chairs: Michael Abramoff, Andrew Webster
        Clinical and economic value of diabetes screening: The British experience   Peter Scanlon
        Screening for diabetic retinopathy – the digital way   Michael Abramoff
        Google in ophthalmology    Pearse Keane
        Probing OCT data for novel biomarkers of disease and therapy    Sebastian Waldstein
        The impact of whole genome sequencing on the management of retinal disorders    Andrew Webster


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