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Presbyopia 2017

9th Annual ISOP Meeting
1069-310 Lisboa, Portugal
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    06.10.2017, 08:30 - 18:00
    International Society of Presbyopia (ISOP)
    The Annual ISOP Presbyopia Meeting 2017 will be held in Lisbon, Portugal. International faculty are invited and will report about current issues, advances and news on presbyopia. The meeting totals several sessions in which topics such as biomechanics, presbyopia diagnostics, demographics, corneal and lenticular methods for presbyopia correction and many more.


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    250,00 EUR
    Registration fee: € 250 (EUR) or $ 295 (USD)

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    Teilnehmer max.

    Gebühren ab
    250,00 EUR
    Registration fee: € 250 (EUR) or $ 295 (USD)


    30.06.2017 Hinweis
        Friday, October 6, 2017       
    08:00-08:10   Welcome    Daniel Neal 
    08:10-08:15   Acknowledgements   Susana Marcos
        Session I - Fundamentals of Crystalline Lens Accommodation    Susana Marcos 
    08:15-08:21   Fundamentals of Accommodation   Adrian Glasser
    08:21-08:29   Imaging Accommodation with OCT   Florence Cabot
    08:29-08:37   Imaging Accommodation with Ultrasound   Mary Ann Croft
    08:37-08:45   Predictive Analysis Using 3D FEM Accommodation   Harald Studer
    08:45-08:51   3D Parametric Eye Model for Biomechanical and Optical Evaluation of Visual Accommodation and Other Applications   David Enfrun
    08:51-08:57   Predictive Analysis using 3D FEM Accommodation   AnnMarie Hipsley
    08:57-09:12   Open Discussion      
        Session II - Advances in Restoration of Accomodation    Satish Herekar & Susana Marcos
    09:12-09:18   Review of Scleral Approaches Past and Future   Mitch Jackson
    09:18-09:24   Optical Quality Metrics After PRK and LaserACE   AnnMarie Hipsley
    09:24-09:32   Scleral Micro-Implant Surgery for Presbyopia and Laser Vision Correction of Manifest Hyperopia   Barrie Soloway
    09:32-09:40   Accommodative Loss with Cataract Surgery and It’s Clinical Implications   Vance Thompson
    09:40-09:48   Surface Changing AIOL Enabled by Photobonded Haptics   Susana Marcos
    09:48-10:03   Open Discussion      
    10:03-10:23   Coffee Break       
        Session III - New Technologies to Asses Endpoints of Presbyopia Treatments   Daniel Neal & Susana Marcos 
    10:23-10:31   Aberrometry-based Endpoints   Daniel Neal
    10:31-10:39   Objective Amplitude of Accommodation and Refraction   Norberto Lopez-Gil
    10:39-10:45   Fundamentals of Accommodation Restoration   Adrian Glasser
    10:45-10:53    Objective Techniques for Measurement of Accommodative Amplitude   Heather A Andersen
    10:53-10:59   Improving Presbyopic Refractive Results by Improving Intraocular Lens Position (pELP) and Tilt Predictions with 3-Dimensional Swept Source Optical Coherence Tomography (3D-OCT)   Joseph Ma
    10:59-11:05   Tolerance Induced Astigmatism: Comparison of a Small Aperture and Trifocal IOL   Robert Ang
    11:05-11:20   Open Discussion      
        Session IV - Practical Aspects of Presbyopia Correction    Ronald Krueger & Keith Holliday
    11:20-11:30    Pro/Con Case 1      
    11:30-11:40   Pro/Con Case 2      
    11:40-11:50   Pro/Con Case 3      
    11:50-12:05   Open Discussion       
    12:05-12:14   Luncheon       
        Session V - What is New and Improved in Multifocal IOLs?   Satish Herekar & Susana Marcos 
    13:14-13:22   Optical Behavior of the Symphony IOL   Henk Weeber
    13:22-13:30   FineVision Trifocal Lens   Damien Gatinel
    13:30-13:38   Panoptic IOL Surface Changing   Mike Holzer
    13:38-13:46   Oculentis IOL and the Dusseldorf
      Hakan Kayak
    13:46-13:54   MIOL Talk   Professor Christine Jerome
    13:45-14:02   Comparison of New Diffractive Multifocal IOL with an IOL with Rotational Asymmetry: Visual and Optical Performance Assessment   Bernard Febrer Bowen
    14:02-14:08   LCA Discussion in Diffractive IOLs   Jerome Loicq
    14:08-14:23   Open Discussion      
    14:23-14:42   Coffee Break       
        Session VI - Simulating and Anticipating Outcomes of Multifocality    Daniel Neal & Susana Marcos 
    14:42-14:50   Computer Simulations   James Schwiegerling
    14:50-14:58   Virtual Reality Simulations of Lens Outcomes   Sebastien Franssens
    14:58-15:06   Adaptive Optics Based Clinical Simulator   Pablo Artal
    15:06-15:14   Simultaneous Vision Simulator   Enrique Gambra
    15:14-15:20   Ophtec: Precizion Presbyopic: From User Need to Product Design   Fred Wassenburg
    15:20-15:26   PresbyCOR Software: What’s New Regarding Accommodation and Cerebral Plasticity?   Charles Ghenessia
    15:26-15:32   Direct IOL Staging of Multifocality Addition to Enhance Neuroadaption   George Waring
    15:32-15:47   Open Discussion      
        Session VII - Corneal Correction: Are We There Yet?   Keith Holliday & Ronald Krueger
    15:47-15:53   Visual Recovery After Small Aperture Corneal Inlay Implantation for Correction of Presbyopia   Shamik Bafna
    15:53-15:59   Clinical Outcomes of the Modified Mono-Vision for Presbyopia Treatment Using Schwind PresbyMAX profile   Minoru Tomita
    15:59-16:05   The Presbia Flexivue Microlens: USA FDA Trial Personal Results   Karl Stonecipher
    16:05-16:13   Clinical experience with the Supracor PresbyLasik Treatment   Robert Ang
    16:13-16:21   Raindrop Inlay: Novel Surgical Techniques and Outcomes From Around the World   Jodhbir Mehta
    16:21-16:27   SupraCor PresbyLASIK   Mohita Sharma
        Session VIII - Other Approaches of Presbyopia Corrections: Monovision, Modified Monovision and Contact Lenses   Susana Marcos & Daniel Neal 
    16:27-16:35   Testing Tolerance/Preference for Monovision, Modified Monovision and Multifocality   Carlos Dorronsoro
    16:35-16:43   Correcting Presbyopia with Contact Lenses: J&J 1-day Moist Multifocal Design and Performance   Khaled Cheheb
    16:43-16:49   6-Months Clinical Outcomes of Multifocal Phakic IOL Implantation for Presbyopia Patients   Minoru Tomita
    16:49-16:55   Extending Depth of Focus With A Small Aperture IOL   Tess Huynh
    16:55-17:10   Open Discussion      
        Session IX - Clinicians Wish List to Scientists and Manufacturers   Dan Neal 
    17:10-17:26   Interactive Panel Discussion   Joseph Ma, Daniel Chang, Karl Stonecipher & Damien Gatinel 
        Session X - Presbyopia Case Reviews Roundtable   Ronald Krueger & Satish Herekar 
    17:26-18:17   Case Dilemmas and Complications   Jorge Alio, Gerd Auffarth, Arthur Cummings, Erik Mertens, Karolinne Maia Rocha & George Waring 
    18:17-18:27    Closing Remarks   Susana Marcos & Daniel Neal 
  • SANA Lisboa Hotel

    International Society of Presbyopia (ISOP)
    Tel.: ++ 760 603 1171

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