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ASOPRS 2018 Spring Symposium

Continuing Medical Education for Ophthalmologists
TX 78612 Cedar Creek, USA
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    31.05.2018, 14:00 - 03.06.2018, 12:00
    American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS)
    The purpose of the ASOPRS Symposia is to advance education, research and the quality of clinical practice in the field of aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery specializing in the face, eyelids, and lacrimal system. The Spring meeting is only open to members of ASOPRS, ACPO, ESOPRS APSOPRS, SBCPO or current ASOPRS fellows-in-training.


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  • Thursday May 31, 2018

    2:00-3:30 pm | Facial Implants Workshop 
    Ken Morgenstern, MD and Albert Carlotti, Guest Faculty
    Silicone Facial Implants (Industry sponsored non-CME)

    3:40-5:00 pm | Facial Injectables Workshop 
    Wendy Lee, MD and Steve Yoelin, MD, Invited Speaker

    6:00-7:30 pm | President's Welcome Reception, LBJ Pavilion, Hyatt 

    Friday June 1, 2018

    6:45-7:45 am | ASOPRS Fellowship Program Director Meeting 

    7:30-8:00 am | YASOPRS Rapid Fire Cases 
    Moderators: Rachel Sobel, MD and Grace Lee, MD
    7:30-7:33 am |First reported case of orbital cellulitis from candida duobushaemulonii, Priya Sahu, MD
    7:33-7:36 am | 3-D printed custom implant for orbital roof reconstruction after resection of cholesterol granuloma of orbit, Thomas Kandle, MD
    7:36-7:39 am | Orbital mass in a newborn, Karen Revere, MD
    7:39-7:42 am | A venolymphatic malformation treated with sclerotherapy then excision complicated by wound dehiscence and seroma formation, Rao Chundury, MD
    7:42-7:45 am | Discussion
    7:45-7:48 am | The spectrum of orbital dermoid cysts and their surgical management, Jasmina Bajric, MD
    7:48-7:51 am | Prosthetic replacement of the ocular surface ecosystem (PROSE) after oculoplastic or skull base surgery: trends in visual outcomes, Kyle Godfrey, MD
    7:51-7:54 am | Orbital aneurysmal bone cyst in an infant, Smith Ann Chisolm, MD
    7:54-7:57 am | Serial wedge excision for small divided "kissing" nevus of the eyelids, Larissa Habib, MD
    7:57-8:00 am | Discussion

    8:00-8:03 am | Welcome and opening remarks
    Tamara Fountain, MD, President and Jeremiah Tao, MD, Spring Meeting Program Chair 

    8:03-8:19 am | Orbit Session I 
    8:03-8:07 am | Rare cause of congenital proptosis, Leslie Neems, MD
    8:07-8:11 am | Presentation and outcomes of orbital cellulitis caused by group F streptococcus, Rachel Sobel, MD
    8:11-8:15 am | Orbital decompression outcomes in pediatric thyroid eye disease, Christiana Munroe, MD
    8:15-8:19 am | Discussion

    8:19-8:40 am |Complex Orbitoskeletal Reconstruction
    8:19-8:23 am | Severe enophthalmos and corneal exposure after maxillectomy, Thomas Kandle, MD
    8:23-8:27 am | Oculofacial reconstruction using 3D printed implants, Thomas Copperman, MD
    8:27-8:31 am | Total orbital floor and rim reconstruction with titanium and alloderm, Stacy Scofield- Kaplan, MD
    8:31-8:35 am | Hand Carved Silicone Titanium Hybrid Implants: An Inexpensive & Practical Option, Marc Yonkers, MD
    8:35-840 am | Discussion

    8:40-9:33 am | Sh*# hits the fan session 
    Moderators: Ted Wladis, MD and Pete Setabutr, MD
    8:40-8:48 am | “Wrath of a RAC Audit,” Jasmine Mohadjer, MD
    8:48-8:56 am | “Toll of a Troll,” Steve Couch, MD
    8:56-9:00 am | Discussion
    9:00-9:04 am | “Limited Vision Recovery with Retrobulbar Hyaluronidase After Calcium Hydroxylapatite Filler Ischemia,” Seanna Grob
    9:04-9:12 am | “Filler Damage Control,” Femida Kherani
    9:12-9:16 am | Discussion
    9:16-9:20 am | Delayed hemorrhage after ptosis and lid retraction repair, Viraj Mehta
    9:20-9:24 am | Retrobulbar hemorrhage on rivarobaxan, Paul Phelps
    9:24-9:28 am | Improving the care of orbital compartment syndrome patients in the emergency department, Erin Shriver
    9:28-9:33 am | Discussion

    9:33-10:03 am | Break with Exhibitors

    10:03-10:35 am | Eyelid & Periocular Session I 
    Moderators: Harsha Reddy, MD and Behin Barahimi, MD
    10:03-10:07 am | Ptosis in a patient treated with immunotherapy, Rich Allen, MD
    10:07-10:11 am | Bilateral periorbital impetigo inducing significant dermatitis and cicatricial eyelid changes in an adult, Natalie Homer, MD
    10:11-10:15 am | The Hering’s law effect on contralateral eyelid position after unilateral eyelid retraction repair, Robi Maamari, MD
    10:15-10:18 am | Discussion
    10:18:10:22 am | FlapCon: An augmented reality soft-tissue flap designer, Nick Mahoney, MD
    10:22-10:30 am | “Nuances of Eyelid Circumcision – Shedding Light on the Dark Side,” Pete Setabutr, MD
    10:30-10:35 am | Discussion

    10:36 am-Noon | Breakouts 
    I. Trauma Drama and Great Debates 
    Peter Timoney, MD, Chair, Jason Sokol, MD, co-moderator
    Faculty: Steve Couch, MD, Jerry Harris, MD, Reza Vagefi, MD, Mithra Gonzalez, MD, Brett Davies, MD
    Indications & Timing of Surgical Repair
    10:36-10:40 am | Chronic recurrent orbital emphysema and vision changes after small unrepaired orbital fractures, Jennifer Murdoch, MD
    10:40-10:48 am | Orbital Blow-out Fractures: Does Timing Matter?, Jerry Harris, MD
    10:48-10:56 am | Brake on Fixing that Break, Reza Vagefi, MD
    10:56-11:02 am | Discussion
    Orbital Wall Implants
    11:02-11:10 am | Can’t Lose with Smooth, Christopher Compton, MD
    11:10-11:18 am | Porous, Por Favor, Mike Yoon, MD
    11:18-11:24 am | Discussion
    Trauma Potpourri 
    11:24-11:30 am | Top Complications of Orbital Repair & How to Avoid, Steve Couch, MD
    11:30-11:36 am | Indications for Eye Removal with Facial Fractures, Brett Davies, MD
    11:36-11:40 am | The unlikeliest of retained pencil fragments, Austin Gerber, MD
    11:40-11:46 am | Pediatric Orbital Fractures, Mithra Gonzalez, MD
    11:46-11:56 am | Discussion

    II. Injectables workshop 
    Wendy Lee, MD, Chair and Steve Yoelin, MD, Invited Speaker
    Orbital and ocular ischemic syndrome with blindness after facial filler injection, Sathyadeepak Ramesh, MD

    1:00 pm | ASOPRS Tennis Tournament 

    Saturday June 2, 2018

    6:45-7:45 am | ASOPRS Education Committee Meeting 
    6:45-7:45 am | ASOPRS Foundation Board of Trustees Meeting

    7:30-8:00 am | Codapalooza presented by YASOPRS 
    Moderator: Andrea Kossler, MD

    8:00-8:03 am | Welcome and opening remarks
    Tamara Fountain, MD, President and Jeremiah Tao, MD, Spring Meeting Program Chair 

    8:03-8:26 am | Orbit Session II 
    Moderators: Neda Esmaili, MD and Thomas Johnson, MD
    8:03-8:07 am | Sphenoid wing meningioma masquerade of Paget's disease, Kathryn Winkler, MD
    8:07-8:11 am | Spontaneous Resolution of Optic Neuropathy in Sphenoid Wing Meningioma, Sathyadeepak Ramesh, MD
    8:11-8:13 am | Discussion
    8:13-8:17 am | Progressive pituitary adenoma apoplexy of the orbit, Nickisa Hodgson, MD
    8:17-8:21 am | A nomenclature for visual field defects in thyroid eye disease compressive optic neuropathy, Suzanne Freitag, MD
    8:21-8:26 am | Discussion

    8:26-9:40 am | You Know You’re Great…But How Will Your Patients Know 
    Moderator: George Bartley, MD

    8:26-8:33 am | Harnessing the Power of Social Media, Andrea Tooley, MD
    8:33-8:40 am | The Brazil Oculoplastic Surgery Society Experience with a Mainstream Video Advertorial, Roberto Limongi, MD
    8:40-8:48 am | Board Certification 2018, George Bartley, MD
    8:48-8:49 am | Introduction of Scott Wallace, George Bartley, MD
    8:49-9:04 am | Quality Matters, Scott Wallace, Invited Speaker
    9:04-9:16 am | Discussion

    9:16-9:46 am | Break with Exhibitors 

    9:46-10:31 am | Oncology Session 
    Moderators: Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD and Bradford Lee, MD
    9:46-9:50 am | A tarsal conjunctival melanoma in the upper lid recurring in the lower lid: reconstruction of both eyelids, Peter Toft, MD
    9:50-9:54 am | Corneal neovascularization with lipid deposition: A herald of ocular adnexal lymphoma, Grace Lee, MD
    9:54-9:58 am | Persistent Mass after Treatment for Orbital Rhabdomyosarcoma, Rachel Sobel, MD
    9:58-10:02 am | Orbital manifestations of sino-nasal melanoma, Justin Karlin, MD
    10:02-10:06 am | Discussion
    10:06-10:07 am | Introduction of Jesse Berry (invited guest speaker), Sandy Zhang-Nunes, MD
    10:07-10:22 am | Innovations & Advances in Retinoblastoma Management, Jesse Berry, MD
    10:22-10:31 am | Discussion

    10:32 am-12:02 pm | Breakouts 
    I. Neck Rejuvenation 
    Robert Fante, MD, Chair;
    Faculty: Tanuj Nakra, MD, Dave Holck, MD, Mikel Lo, MD, John Fezza, MD, John Hunts, MD, Alan Brackup, MD
    10:32 am |  Welcome and Introduction
    10:34 am | Nonsurgical management (botulinum toxin, kybella, ulthera, radiofrequency, etc), Mikel Lo
    10:44 am | Direct Z-Plasty of the neck, Dave Holck
    10:54 am | Neck liposuction and platysmal plication, Jon Hoenig
    11:04 am | Modified corset platysmaplasty, Rob Fante
    11:14 am | Lateral platysmal back cuts and suspension, Alan Brackup
    11:24 am | Platysmal resection and subplatysmal work (submandibular gland resection, digastric resection), Tanuj Nakra
    11:34 am | Neck lift complications panel, John Hunts
    11:49 am | Thoughts about choosing techniques, John Fezza
    11:59 am | Conclusions, discussion, questions, resources for further study, etc.

    II. Quality in Research Workshop 
    Alon Kahana, MD, Chair
    Faculty: Elizabeth Bradley, MD, Evan Black, MD, Vinay Aakalu, MD, Erin Shriver, MD, Ted Wladis, MD
    10:32 am | Introduction, Alon Kahana 
    10:37 am | Optimizing the ASOPRS Thesis Process, Evan Black
    10:47 am | Hypothesis Development and Staying Focused, Alon Kahana
    10:57 am | Getting Ready - Power Calculation, Vinay Aakalu 
    11:07 am | Research Mentoring, Erin Shriver 
    11:17 am | Fostering Productive Research Collaborations, Ted Wladis
    11:27 am | Scientific Rigor - Research That Did Not Stand the Test of Time or Data, Elizabeth Bradley
    11:37 am | Panel Discussion/Q&A 

    12:02-12:10 pm | ASOPRS Awards Session 
    12:10-1:00 pm | ASOPRS Business Meeting

    1:30 pm | ASOPRS Annual Golf Tournament 

    6:30-9:30 pm | ASOPRS Annual Banquet & New Member InductionsRiversong Lawn, Hyatt  

    Sunday June 3, 2018

    8:00-8:03 am | Welcome and opening remarks
    Tamara Fountain, MD, President and Jeremiah Tao, MD, Spring Meeting Program Chair 

    8:03-8:40 am | Lacrimal Session 
    Moderators: Bita Esmaeli, MD and Anne Barmettler, MD
    8:03-8:07 am | Lymphoma of the lacrimal sac, Natalie Wolkow, MD
    8:07-8:11 am | Lacrimal sac oncocytoma in a patient with anaplastic large cell lymphoma, Krista Stewart, MD
    8:11-8:15 am | A diagnostic dilemma: masquerading dacryocystitis, Peter Timoney, MD
    8:15-8:23 am | Commentary on lacrimal sac tumors, Bita Esmaeli, MD
    8:23-8:28 am | Discussion
    8:28-8:32 am | Ear tubes and eye tubes: an important missed correlation, Matt Vicinanzo, MD
    8:32-8:36 am | Modification of the Stoploss® Jones tube to prevent internal migration, Victoria Starks, MD
    8:36-8:40 am | Discussion

    8:40-9:36 am | Practice Management 
    Moderators: Erin Shriver, MD & Mike Yen, MD
    8:40-8:47 am | Institutional Do’s and Don’ts, 2018, Bryan Winn, MD
    8:47-8:54 am | Satellite or Satelheavy, Vik Durairaj, MD
    8:54-9:06 am | Malpractice Claims 101: Anatomy of a claim, Ron Pelton, MD
    9:06-9:13 am | AAO President Update, Keith Carter, MD
    9:13-9:18 am | Discussion
    9:18-9:19 am | Introduction of Stephanie Lu, MD, Jeremiah Tao, MD
    9:19-9:31 am | Opportunities at the Veterans Administration, Stephanie Lu, MD (Invited Speaker)
    9:31-9:36 am | Discussion

    9:36-10:06 am | Break with Exhibitors 

    10:06-10:50 am | Eyelids, Aesthetics, and Potpourri Session 
    Moderators: Emily Bratton, MD & Marc Yonkers, MD
    10:06-10:10 am | SuPor AIRO BROW implantation for lateral eyebrow elevation, Mike Burnstine, MD
    10:10-10:14 am | The use of sodium hyaluronate and chondroitin sulfate for the rejuvenation of the nasogenian region: A New Filler, Sara Plazola, MD
    10:14-10:18 am | Opioid Prescribing Patterns of ASOPRS Members, Emily Charlson, MD
    10:18-10:21 am | Discussion
    10:21-10:25 am | Micro video-endoscope for visualization in tight spaces, Jamie Schaefer, MD
    10:25-10:29 am | Reliable surgical treatment for floppy eyelid syndrome, Wade Brock, MD
    10:29-10:33 am | Peripheral rim enhancement: A radiographic clue for diagnosis of thrombosed orbital varices, Seanna Grob, MD
    10:33-10:36 am | Discussion
    10:36-10:40 am | Late onset lower eyelid retraction after facelift and lower blepharoplasty, Lily Wagner, MD
    10:40-10:44 am | Correction of recalcitrant cicatricial lower lid retraction and entropion with transverse tarsotomy and tarsoconjunctival flap, Raymond Cho, MD
    10:44-10:50 am | Discussion

    10:50-11:15 am | Global Outreach Opportunities in Oculofacial Plastic Surgery
    Moderator: Chris Fleming, MD


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