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1st Swiss International Ophthalmology Conference

Conference for Ophthalmologists
1206 Genève, Schweiz
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    16.06.2017, 08:00 - 17.06.2017, 15:00
    Conference Series Ltd.
    At the first Swiss International Ophthalmology Conference, various topics on ophthalmology, such as ophthalmology in developing countries, will be discussed.


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    19.05.2017 Hinweis
  •   Friday, June 16th
    08:00 Registration and welcome coffee
      Panel Morning Session: Dr. A. Mermoud, Prof. R. Guthoff, Prof. S. Resnikoff
    08:45 Introduction and welcome
      Prof. G. Thumann (Geneva University Hospitals)
    08:50 When is the right time for subspecialties in international ophthalmology?
      Dr. A. Kreis (HUG) and Mr. S. Dolzan (Journalist)
    09:20 Introduction in international ophthalmology
      Prof. V. Klauss (DOG Germany)
    09:50 Addressing glaucoma in low resource countries of the asia pacific region
      Dr. M. Lawlor (RANZCO, East Timor Eye Project, Australia)
    10:20 Glaucoma surgeries in developing countries
      Dr. A. Kalala (Congo)
    10:50 Coffee break
    11:20 AIDS in Africa: The look through the eye of an infectiologist
      Dr. C. Rothe (IDU, University of Munich, Germany)
    11:50 High volume cataract surgery with premium quality source
      Dr. V. Chakravarthy (India)
    12:20 Clinical research in a rural hospital setting
      Dr. R. Kumar (India)
    12:50 Lunch break
      Introduction of the global players in international ophthalmology
      Panel Afternoon Session: Prof. G. Thumann, Prof. V. Klauss, Prof. N. Verma
    13:50 The role of media in development
      Mr. S. Dolzan (Journalist)
    14:20 Is elimination of avoidable blindness achievable?
      Prof. S. Resnikoff (International Council of ophthalmology, Switzerland)
    14:50 WHO and its role in global elimination of trachoma
      Dr. A. Solomon (WHO, Switzerland)
    15:20 Ophthalmology within the universal health coverage agenda
      Ambassador T. Greminger (Federal Department of foreign affairs, Switzerland)
    15:50 Coffee break
    16:10 Eye care innovation and social impact, a new way
      Dr. A. Bastawrous (Peek Vision & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine)
    16:40 Challenges and threats for the innovation in the domain of
      medical technology in low income countries
      PD Dr. B. Stoll (Institute of Global Health, University of Geneva)
    17:10 Disaster medicine: Life goes on always!
      Dr. O. Hagon (Swiss Humanitarian Aid Unit, University Hospitals Geneva)
      Saturday, June 17th
    08:00 Registration and welcome coffee
      Panel Morning Session: Dr. T. Sharaawy, Prof. V. Klauss, Dr. A. Solomon
    08:45 Welcome and introduction to the project day
      Prof. Thumann and Dr. A. Kreis (CJ)
    09:00 The whole world chipped in
      Prof. N. Verma (RANZCO, East Timor Eye Project, Australia)
    09:20 Development of ophthalmology training: The diploma in the 
      ophthalmology program of Timor Leste
      Prof. M. Sharma (University of Timor Leste, East Timor Eye Project, Nepal)
    09:40 Transition of an NGO to MoH: Transfer of Ownership of the East Timor Eye program
      Dr. M. Correia (University of Timor Leste, East Timor Eye Project)
    10:00 Malawi Eye Project and University of Tübingen Training Program
      Dr. M. Schulze-Schwering (DOG, University of Tübingen)
    10:20 Coffee break
    10:55 International ophthalmology made in Germany: the partnership Rostock-Kinshasa
      Prof. R. Guthoff (DOG, University of Rostock)
    11:15 The ICO fellowship program
      Prof. P. Gabel (International Council of Ophthalmology, Germany)
    11:35 Little big differences - eye care in Uganda
      Dr. R. Eberhard (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
    11:55 Financing of eye care project in rural Ghana - aspects of sustainability
      Mr. F. Adu Anti (Swiss Red Cross, Ghana)
    12:15 Lunch break
      Panel Afternoon Session: Prof. P. Gabel, Dr. M. Lawlor, Dr. M. Schulze-Schwering
    13:30 Relevance of ophthalmologic subspecialties in Kyrgyzstan
      Mrs. S. Ibraimova and Dr. A. Ibraimova (Red Crescent Society Kyrgyzstan)
    13:50 Action Kharikhola Nepal
      Mr. S. Currat (Kharikhola Foundation, Switzerland)
    14:10 The SSO international ophthalmology fellowship: 
      a challenge for young ophthalmologists
      Mr. D. Brunner (Switzerland)
    14:30 Final Discussions, outlook and closing words
      Dr. A. Kreis, Prof. G. Thumann
  • Centre Médical Universitaire (CMU), Auditoire A250

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    Ingrid Schattling

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