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ASO Online Annual Conference 2020

American Society of Ocularists
online, Puerto Rico
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    13.11.2020, 09:00 - 22.11.2020, 13:00
    American Society of Ocularists (ASO)
    All educational content will be available online for viewing at your convenience between Friday, November 13, 2020 and Sunday, November 22, 2020. Take as many courses as you want, at a time convenient for you.
    Choose the registration that best fits your needs. Register for all courses and gain up to 104 NEBO credits, or choose from courses in Group 1, 2 or 3 to pick up only the credits you need.

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    798,00 €
    Non-Member Full Registration – $798.00
    Includes all education courses shown on the ASO Education Program and includes the Welcome Reception, and the Closing Night Affair.


    Teilnehmer max.

    Gebühren ab
    798,00 €
    Non-Member Full Registration – $798.00
    Includes all education courses shown on the ASO Education Program and includes the Welcome Reception, and the Closing Night Affair.
  • Preliminary Education Program 

    • The 2020 Annual Conference website will preview on November 6th for 7 days and open to take courses and socialize with other attendees on November 13th. The Conference site will close at midnight (Pacific Standard Time) on Sunday, November 22nd. All educational courses and tested course exams must be concluded by the close of the conference site to receive credit.
    • The education program has been approved by NEBO (tentatively, pending audit of courses) for 104 credits. Actual number of credits attained will depend on whether the exam is successfully completed for tested courses. There is no early special and no on-site registrations. Registration will close on Wednesday, November 11th, so that attendees may be provided with the proper access to the conference site. Your own personal access to the conference site will be sent to you via email, giving you access to all that your registration allows.
    • Courses have been divided into three groups for those who do not want to take all courses and sign up for full registration.
    • Course catalog and registration for Interns in the College of Ocularistry will be sent separately.


    ASO Conference Education


    Topic & Speaker

    30 min

    Grand Rounds of Oculoplastic Surgery
    Thomas E. Johnson, MD

    60 min

    How Ocular Genetics Are Changing Our World
    Alex V. Levin, MD, MHSC

    60 min

    An Ocularist´s View and Moral Statement in Professional Ethics Including Abuse Reporting
    Jean G. Thompson-Bourne, BCO, BADO, FASO

    60 min

    Infectious Disease Awareness & Prevention In the Wake of COVID-19
    Craig Nakamura, MD

    60 min

    Office and Lab Design and Layout
    Jeffrey Davis, BCO, BADO

    60 min

    Tear Film and Its Relationship to the Prosthetic Wearer
    Kendahl Quimby, BCO, BADO

    90 min

    Student Lecture Workshop

    Moderator: Edwin Bullard, BCO, BADO

    Ways to Relate to your Patient
    Bridget Kinneer, BCO, College of Ocularisty

    HIPAA: Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information
    Ariana Bruno, BCO, ASO Appretice

    Impressions Using a 3D Scanner
    Elisabelle St-Hilaire, College of Ocularisty

    Gunderson Flap: Discussions and Options
    Chelsea Webb, College of Ocularisty

    Painiting Shells - Eliminating the Obstacles
    Kelly May, College of Ocularisty

    Congential and Developmental Anomalies Affecting the Eye and the Orbit
    Mark Thaxter, College of Ocularisty

    An EHR for the Ocularisty
    David Danz, ASO Apprentice

    Indirect Ocularisty
    Armon Akhlaghi, College of Ocularisty

    Device History Records -  The Administrative Side of Ocularisty
    Rachel Dudash, ASO Apprentice

    Project Eye
    Bradley Rekstad, College of Ocularisty

    Review of Muscles and Nerves of the Eye
    Trevor Greer, College of Ocularisty

    Life in the Light
    Devon Bullard, College of Ocularisty

    How to Deal with an Upper Lid Ptosis
    Trenton Hadlock, College of Ocularisty

    60 min

    Personnel Considerations for the Ocularist Practice
    Gail McMullin

    60 min

    Medical Advisory Seminar
    Moderator: William A. Danz, BCO, BADO, FASO

    60 min

    Applied Orbital Anatomy for the Ocularist
    James G. Willis, BCO, BADO, FASO

    60 min

    The Evolution of Acrylics and it Use in Ocularisty: A History
    Michael Hughes, BCO, BADO, FASO

    60 min

    Eye Prostheses Made from Glass
    Ruth Mueller-Welt, Diplomate

    90 min

    John J. Kelly, Sr. Mini-Max Lectures

    Moderator: David LeGrand, BCO, BADO, FASO

    Don´t Let the Blues Get You Down
    Emily Anderson, BCO, BADO

    An Amazing Index of Articles
    Joseph LeGrand, BCO, BADO, FASO

    Polymax 120c - Quiet Running
    Michael Barrett, BCO, BADO

    The use of Botox for Eyelid Brow Rise
    William R. Trawnik, BCO, BADO, FASO & James H. Merrit, MD

    Margery Schreiber, BCO, BADO

    Check Your Weapons at the Door: Fabricating Prosthetic Eyes in El Salvador, Central America
    Michael Hughes, BCO, BADO, FASO

    30 min

    Can This Small Eye See?
    Alex V. Levin, MD, MHSC

    60 min

    History of Enucleation and Evisceration
    J. Rodriguez, MD

    60 min

    Understanding Color Theory - The Basics
    Christina King, BCO, BADO

    60 min

    Color Theory Workshop
    Christina King, BCO, BADO

    60 min

    Painting Materials Workshop
    Moderator: Michelle Bullard, BCO, BADO

    60 min

    Embryology of the Human Eye
    James G. Willis, BCO, BADO, FASO


  • This event is virtual. Please keep in mind the time may changes due to your location.

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