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The Oxford Ophthalmological Congress

104th Congress
Online, Großbritannien
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    05.07.2021, 08:45 - 07.07.2021, 17:30
    The 104th congress will be presented by leading national and international speakers from varied fields across Ophthalmology whilst promoting frank, free and tolerant discussion of scientific matters brought before its gathering.


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    01.01.1970 Hinweis
    All abstracts accepted for the Congress will be presented as Posters. Selected Posters may also be considered for Rapid Fire presentation. The poster exhibition is open from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm on Sunday 5th July and 9:00 am - 4:00 pm on Monday 6th July and Tuesday 7th July. Authors should arrange for their posters to be up by 3:30 pm on the Sunday (when poster marking takes place). An author should be present on the Sunday and at breaks on the Monday and Tuesday.
  • Monday 5th July
    08.45 hrs

    Annual General Meeting - all registered delegates


    Mr. James Talks & Mr.Manoj Parulekar
    09.00 hrs Masters Symposium: Medical retinal treatments & strategies Chair: James Talks
      Update on new medical retina treatments. Prof. Shoba Sivaprasad
      How is diabetic retinopathy managed in Greece, a perspective from Thessaloniki. Mr. Paris Tranos
      How is diabetic retinopathy managed in Africa, a perspective from Zambia. Prof. Geeta Menon
      How can diabetes be cured? Prof. Roy Taylor
    10.40 hrs Virtual COFFEE - Industry exhibition and catering at The Randolph Hotel  
    11.20 hrs Master's Symposium: Medical retinal treatments & strategies Chair: James Talks
      Managing CSR Prof. Andrew Lotery 
      When is it not AMD? Mr. Andrew Browning 
      Treating blindness: Gene therapy for retinal diseases Prof. Robert Maclaren 
    12.45 hrs Virtual LUNCH - Industry exhibition   
    14.00 hrs Training in 2020 Chairs: Ms. Rachel Pilling & Mr Timothy Dabbs 
      The shape of training in the 2020’s Ms. Fiona Bishop
      Should trainers take the role of sage, mentor or coach? Ms. Rehna Khan
      How aviation changed the culture from blame to learning and justice Mr. Trevor Dale
      Summary and Questions  
    15.45 hrs Virtual TEA - Industry exhibition   
    16.20 hrs Testing Glaucoma Trials in the Real World Chairs: Prof Peter Shah & Prof Sir Peng Khaw
      UKGTS, Trial design & results Prof. David Garway-Heath
      Real world implementation Mr. Simon Dulku
      LIGHT, Trial design & results Mr. Gus Gazzard
      Real world implementation Prof. Peter Shah
      ZAP, Trial design & results Prof. Paul Foster
      Real world implementation Mr. James Kirwan
      EAGLE, Trial design & results Mr. Augusto Azura-Blanco
      Real world implementation Mr. Imran Masood
      Summary and Questions  
    Tuesday 6th July
    09.00 hrs Rapid Fire Presentations Chairs: Ms. R Pilling & Ms. P. Desai
    11.00 hrs Virtual COFFEE - Industry exhibition and catering at The Randolph Hotel  
    11.45 hrs The Doyne Memorial Lecture 2021 Prof. H. S. Dua, CBE
    12.45 hrs Virtual LUNCH - Industry exhibition   
    14.05 hrs Genomics - A users guide Chair: Prof. Graeme Black
      Clinical utility in genomics Mr. Panos Sergouniotis
      Genetic Counselling in eye disease; working with families and ordering genomic test Ms. Georgina Hall
      What are genomic variants, and how are they interpreted? Ms. Suzanne Roosing
      Coordinating the introduction of novel treatments for metabolic disease Mr. Simon Jones
      Summary Mr. Graeme Black
    15.30 hrs Virtual TEA - Industry exhibition & catering at The Randolph Hotel  
    16.15 hrs Neuro/Emergency Chair: Mr. Mike Burdon
      Traumatic optic neuropathy Mr. Richard Blanch
      Horner’s syndrome and carotid artery dissection Mr. Mags Dayan
      Visual pathway stroke Mike Burdon
    Wednesday 7th July 
    09.00 hrs Managing the numbers: Chairs: Manoj Parulekar & Parul Desai
      An overview of how the NHS manages numbers, how it compares with other countries, the role of allied health professionals and the role of social demographics Lord Nigel Crisp NHS
      The business of compassion Dr Thulasiraj
      Working differently the Scottish Experience Dr Janet E Pooley
      Managing the numbers in a changing NHS landscape: the role of the Hospital Eye Service Mr John Ashcroft
      Public v/s private systems, value v/s cost Prof Maria Mazzucato
      Summary & questions  
    11.00 hrs Virtual COFFEE - Catering at The New Theatre  
    11.45 hrs Case Presentations  
      Mr Nick Strothoudis  
      Mr Ian Simmons  
      Prof Richard Gale  
    12.30 hrs Close of Congress  

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    Secretariat: Gill Wood iAMprojects

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