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Global Specialty Lens Symposium 2021

Symposium for Ophthalmologists
NV 89109 LAs Vegas, USA
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    20.01.2021, 17:00 - 23.01.2021, 17:00
    PentaVision LLC
    The annual Global Specialty Lens Symposium (GSLS) is a three day comprehensive meeting by Contact Lens Spectrum. The symposium focuses on the latest techniques and technologies for the successful management of ocular conditions using today`s specialty contact lenses. Furthermore, the meeting includes information for vision care professionals in all disciplines, with both surgical and non-surgical options.
    Accredited for continuing education under COPE, NCLE, and JCAHPO,


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    Earlybird bis 01.11.2020
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    Full Symposium ** $699 $749 $849
    Main Conference $599 $649 $749
    One Day $329 $379 $479

    * Please note the dates by which each pricing tier expires, all times are Eastern Standard Time
    ** Includes the Preconference Tracks on Thursday morning
    *** Breakfast, Lunch & Receptions are included in the registration fees

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    Teilnehmer max.

    Gebühren ab
    849,00 €

    Earlybird bis 01.11.2020
    699,00 €
    Full Symposium ** $699 $749 $849
    Main Conference $599 $649 $749
    One Day $329 $379 $479

    * Please note the dates by which each pricing tier expires, all times are Eastern Standard Time
    ** Includes the Preconference Tracks on Thursday morning
    *** Breakfast, Lunch & Receptions are included in the registration fees


    Teilnehmer max.

    Gebühren ab
    259,00 €

    Earlybird bis 01.11.2020
    259,00 €
    Student - Full Symposium $259 $259 $259
    Student - Main Conference $229 $229 $229
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    * Please note the dates by which each pricing tier expires, all times are Eastern Standard Time
    ** Includes the Preconference Tracks on Thursday morning
    *** Breakfast, Lunch & Receptions are included in the registration fees
  • The Spectrum of Dry Eye - Karen DeLoss, Moderator​

    Coffee Break & Scientific Posters​Lunch in the Exhibit Hall/Posters​Awards and All Poster Session - Jason Nichols, Moderator​


    Pre-Conference Workshop Reception, Cohiba 5

    Scleral Lenses: Taking it to the Next Level,  Cohiba 9

    Contemporary Dry Eye Disease Practice,  Cohiba 3
    8.00pm                                       end of day 1


    8.00am GP Materials, Evaluation and Problem Solving, Cohiba 1 GP Materials, Evaluation and Problem Solving, Cohiba 11 What's a Specialty Lens Practice? Tips for Beginners and Experts, Cohiba 3
      Introduction and Topographical Assessment of the Irregular Cornea,   Cohiba 7  
    9.00am GP and Custom Soft Multifocal Update,  Cohiba 1 Myopia Control B: Interventions for Myopia Control,  Cohiba 11 Navigating Medically Necessary Contact Lenses, Cohiba 3
      Contact Lens Management of the Ectatic Cornea & Post Corneal Transplant, Cohiba 7 Sclerals B: How to Fit Sclerals?, Cohiba 9  
    10.00am GP Toric Lens Design and Fitting, Cohiba 1 GP Toric Lens Design and Fitting, Cohiba 11 Foundations of a Specialty Contact Lens Practice: Passion, Knowledge, Time and Technology, Cohiba 3
      Management of the Irregular Cornea Post Refractive Surgery, Corneal Infection and Trauma, Cohiba 7 Sclerals C: Managing Scleral Lens Wear,  Cohiba 9    
    11.00am Orthokeratology: Fitting and Follow Up, Cohiba 1 Myopia Control D: How to add myopia management without losing your mind, your staff and your primary care practice,     Cohiba 11 Unconventional Marketing of your Specialty Lens Practice, Cohiba 3
      The Irregular Cornea in Ocular Surface Disease, Cohiba 7 Sclerals D: Scleral Lens Fitting Challenges, Cohiba 9  
    12.00pm Lunch & Learn with Oculus - ReShaping Myopia Management: From Diagnostics to Treatment, Cohiba 7 Lunch & Learn with SpecialEyes - Pathway to Success with Soft Toric Multifocals, Montecristo
    1.00pm Clinical Controversies in Myopia Management - Jason Nichols, Moderator
    2.00pm Advanced Fitting & Troubleshooting Zenlens™ Scleral Lenses - B+L SVP - S. Barry Eiden, OD; Nicholas Gidosh, OD; Susan Resnick, OD, Cohiba 9 Got Tissues? Tips for Happy Tears and Scleral Success – ABB Optical - Katie Brown, OD, Cohiba 7
      Optimizing the SynergEyes VS Scleral Experience - SynergEyes - Louise Sclafani, OD & John Gelles, OD, Montecristo    
    2.30pm 5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Purchased the sMap3D - Visionary Optics - Brianna Rhue, OD, Cohiba 7 Improving the Contact Lens Wearing Experience with Orthokeratology - Euclid - Andrew Pucker, OD, Montecristo Elevate your topography and lens fitting with OCULUS and EyePrint - Oculus - Christine Sindt, OD, Cohiba 11
      Doctors Need Industry Partners. A Multitude of Specialty Lens Options in One Place for Maximum Practice Profitability – X-Cel Specialty Contacts - Andrew Biondo, OD, Cohiba 3    
    3.00pm The Spectrum of Dry Eye - Karen DeLoss, Moderator
    4.00pm Implementing Myopia Management into Practice - Euclid - David Kading, OD, Montecristo Introducing Medmont’s New Advanced Corneal Topographer - Medmont - Randy Kojima, Cohiba 7 Unanswered Questions about Myopia - CooperVision Specialty EyeCare Division - Maria Liu, OD, Cohiba 9
      Identifying and Maximizing the Strength and Weaknesses of Scleral and Corneal Multifocal Designs - TruForm Optic - Moshe Schwartz, OD, Cohiba 1 Exploring the Hybrid Specialty Lens Modality for Irregular Corneas - SynergEyes - Louise Sclafani, OD & Tiffany Andrzejewski, OD,  Cohiba 3 Introducing Nutrifill, a New Scleral Lens Insertion Solution With Added Essential Electrolytes - Contamac -Stephanie Woo, OD, Cohiba 11
    5.00pm   Exhibit Hall Grand Opening Reception
    7.00pm    end of day 2


    7.00am Curbing Suction in Scleral Lenses: Top 3 Fitting Tips! - BostonSight -Alan Kwok, OD; Chantelle Mundy, OD, Cohiba 7 Expand Your Myopia Treatment Options with Siesta 100 - TruForm Optics - George Mera,     Cohiba 11 New Solutions for Mature Problems - Visioneering Technologies - Dr. Peg Achenbach, Montecristo
      Young Leaders in Optometry Present: The Young OD Perspective - Pratik Patel, OD; Laurel Roberts, OD, Cohiba 3    
    7.30am Onefit™ Scleral Lens Platform Updates - New Designs, Localized Vaulting, Fitting with Topography - Blanchard - Steven Sorkin, OD, Cohiba 3 The Scleral Lens Patient - B+L SVP - Jason Jedlicka, OD; Maria Walker, OD, MS, Cohiba 7 Who, How, and Why: Talking to Patients About Orthokeratology - Euclid -Kate A. McClure, OD, MS; Trevor J. Fosso, OD, Montecristo
      The NEW Medmont Meridia and its experience at Pacific University - Medmont - Patrick Caroline,    Cohiba 11    
    8.00am A 2020 Vision of Myopia and Its Management - Ed Bennett, Moderator
    9.40am    Coffee Break & Scientific Posters
    10.00am    A Clear Vision on Dropouts - Eef van der Worp, Moderator
    11.00am Managing Infants and Toddlers with Contact Lenses, Montecristo  Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting: The importance of communication to win patients over, Cohiba 1
      Watch out! Post Refractive Surgery Train Wrecks, Cohiba 3 Color Contact Lenses: From Prosthetics to Cosmetics, Cohiba 11

    Contact Lenses for Visual Rehabilitation in Keratoconus: Characteristics and Outcomes of Contact Lenses for Keratoconus,   Cohiba 7

    12.00pm    Lunch in the Exhibit Hall/Posters
    1.30pm Onefit™ MED Platform Advancements & Expanded Applications, including the launch of Onefit MED+! - Blanchard - Boris Severinsky, OD, Cohiba 3 1 Million Measurements & 4 Points of View: How the sMap3D Reshaped My Fitting - Visionary Optics - Gregory DeNaeyer, OD; John Gelles, OD; Elise Kramer, OD; Stephanie Woo, OD, Cohiba 9 Specialty Lenses, What You Need to Know - B+L SVP - Melissa Barnett, OD; Michael Lipson, OD, Cohiba 1
      Establishing a Proactive Myopia Management Practice - Euclid - Dwight Akerman, OD, MBA; S. Barry Eiden, OD, Montecristo Working Smart: Streamline Your Dry Eye Practice with New Technology - Medmont - Karen Walsh, BSc(Hons); Lyndon Jones, PhD, Randy Kojima, Cohiba 7 Elevate your Topography and Lens Fitting with OCULUS and Wave - Oculus - John Bascome, OD; Jason Jedlicka, OD, Cohiba 11
    2.30pm OrthoK Cruise Control:Get your fitting up to Speed, Cohiba 11 Therapeutic Bandage Contact Lens Interventions for Corneal Disease Update, Cohiba 7 Myopia Management: What to do when the unexpected happens? Cohiba 3
      Do No Harm: When is a scleral lens more detrimental than beneficial? Cohiba 9 A Comprehensive Course in Dry Eye Diagnosis and Management for the Specialty Contact Lens Fitter, Montecristo Contact Lens Technology for the New Generation of Presbyopes, Cohiba 1
    3.30pm Taking Vision to 20/20: Multifocal Options for the High Astigmatism and Irregular Cornea Patient - Metro Optics - Jennifer Harthan, OD, Montecristo Successfully Integrating Myopia Management into Your Practice - CooperVision Specialty EyeCare Division - Ariel Cderenzie; Tina Goodhew; Lyndon Jones, PhD; Sheila Morrison, OD; Tara O'Grady, Cohiba 9 Optimizing Multifocal Lens Performance with Displaced Optics – Art Optical - Patrick Caroline, FCLSA; Randy Kojima, Cohiba 11
      FREE SET for Practitioners, No Catch. The Most Revolutionary Scleral Featuring the Perfect Combination of Simplicity and Customization is Here - X-Cel Specialty Contacts - Andrew Biondo, OD, Cohiba 1 Learn More About #TeamScleral, Contamac's Team of Optimum Scleral Lens Materials and Nutrilfill, Our New Scleral Lens Insertion Solution - Contamac - Martin Conway, Cohiba 7 Myopia Management: The Menicon Perspective - Menicon - Steve Newman; Jacinto Santodomingo-Rubio, OD, PhD, Cohiba 3
    4.30pm    Exhibit Hall Grand Cocktail Reception
    7.00pm end of day 3   
    7.00am Ask the Consultants – Top 10 Questions for Scleral Lens Fitting – B+L SVP - Mika Hague; Andy Taddeo; Margaret Walsh, Cohiba 7 Take Control and Treat MGD with Confidence: iLux® MGD Thermal Pulsation Device - Alcon - Jay Crank, OD, Cohiba 3 Keratoconus: What You Need to Diagnostics, Cross-Linking + Scleral lenses - Avedro - John Gelles, OD, Cohiba 11
      Myopia management: How Treehouse Eyes uses SpecialEyes’ Custom Soft Multifocal – SpecialEyes - Gary Gerber, OD, Montecristo    
    7.30am The role of advanced instrumentation in the diagnosis and management of dry eye - Medmont - James Wolffsohn, FCOptom, MBA, PhD, Cohiba 3 A Clear Vision for Myopia & Specialty EyeCare - CooperVision Specialty EyeCare Division - Juan Carlos Aragon, Cohiba 7 OnPoint Alignment - A Precise System for Off-Set Optics - AccuLens - Alex Gibberman, OD, Montecristo
      Menicon Bloom - Addressing Safety in Myopia Management - Menicon - Jennifer Choo, OD, PhD, Cohiba 11    
    8.00am    Free Papers - Ed Bennett, Moderator
    9.00am What's New for Scleral Lens Success in OSD? Cohiba 9 So You Want to Manage Myopia - Now What? Cohiba 3  Amniotic Membranes for Contact Lens Complications and Anterior Segment Pathology, Cohiba 7
      Dry Eye and Contact Lenses: Harmony or Havoc, Cohiba 11 Bugs All Around, A New Era of Standards for Contact Lens Disinfection, Montecristo The Magic of Specialty Contact Lenses in Children: Lenses that Create vision and Lenses that Prevent Progression, Cohiba 1
    10.00am    Break/Posters
    10.15am    Awards and All Poster Session - Jason Nichols, Moderator
    11.00am BostonSight’s SmartSight™ HOA Technology: Bringing new meaning to 20/20!n - BostonSight - Karen Carrasquillo, OD, PhD; Tom Arnold, OD; Dan Brocks, MD; Sheila Morrison, OD, Cohiba 9 Utilizing Off-Set Optics for Maximum Results - AccuLens - Nicholas Gidosh, OD, Cohiba 3 Scleral Partners in Crime-Using Consultants Effectively – ABB Optical - Melissa Barnett, OD; Dede Reyes, Cohiba 1
      The Next Big Thing For Your New Contact Lens Patients - Alcon - Jay Crank, OD, Cohiba 11 Rapid Fire 2.0: Pediatrics to Presbyopia - SpecialEyes - Moshe Schwartz, OD, Montecristo Unconventional Design to Solve Conventional Multifocal Compromises - Visioneering Technologies - Dr. Douglas Benoit,   Cohiba 7
    12.00pm    Lunch in the Exhibit Hall
    1.30pm    Ocular Pain: Why Scleral Lenses May Fail - Lynette Johns, Moderator
    2.20pm A 2020 Vision on Specialty Lens Care - Karen DeLoss & Eef Van der Worp, Moderators
    3.10pm    Break
    3.30pm    State of Scleral Lenses - Patrick Caroline, Moderator
    5.10pm    end of day 4
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