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46th Annual Meeting of EPOS 2020

Vision 2020 - the important first year
2200 Copenhagen, Dänemark
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  • Datum
    28.05.2020, 17:00 - 30.05.2020, 17:30
    European Paediatric Ophthalmological Society
    The 46th Annual Meeting of EPOS 2020 will be in Copenhagen, Denmark and has the topic “The important first year. Vision 20/20”. Babies develop at exorbitant speed, and largely this is guided by visual inputs. Goal of this conference is to update all on the also rapid development of ophthalmological treatment: genetic therapy is now available and preterm born children now rarely go blind due to ROP in Europe, but other health issues threaten vision as very early survival is possible.
    The organisers will apply for CME accreditation awarded by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME).


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  • EPOS 2020 - Preliminary programme

    Thursday 28 May
    17.00-21.00 Welcome reception at Mærsk Tower

    Friday 29 May
    8.00-8.30 Registration
    8.30-9.00 Opening, welcome remarks
    9.00-12.30 Around ROP and prematurity
    Moderators: Kamilla Rothe Nissen (DK), Carina Slidsborg (DK) and Eva
    Larsson (S)
    9.00-9.07 L1 Visual impairment. National Danish Registry of visual impairment and blindness? Kamilla Rothe Nissen (DK)
    9.07-9.22 L2 Epidemiology of ROP Gerd Holmström
    9.22-9.42 L3 ROP -treatment pro and contra Antivegf side effects Kimberley Drenser (US)
    9.42-10.02 L4 Ocular and visual development, strabismus OCT TBA
    10.02-10.17 L5 Cerebral damage may be the primary risk factor for visual impairment in preschool children born
    extremely premature Carine Slidsborg (DK)
    10.17-10.30 L6 Visual perception in children in the Express study Kerstin Helgren (SE)
    10.30-11.00 Coffee break + posters + exhibition
    11.00-11.20 L7 The premature child. Ethical issues in neonatal care Gorm Greisen (DK)
    11.20-11.45 FP1 Free paper abstracts
    11.45-12.30 RF1 Rapid Fire abstracts
    12.30-13.30 Lunch + posters + exhibition
    13.30-17.30 Surgery in the first year
    Moderators: Daniella Bach Holm
    13.30-17.30 Surgery in the first year
    Moderators: Daniella Bach Holm (DK), Dorte Larsen (DK) and Line Kessel (DK)
    13.30-13.50 L8 Anterior segment surgery in babies Ken Nishal (US)
    13.50-14.10 L9 Vitreoretinal surgeries in babies Kimberley Drenser (US)
    14.10-14.25 L10 40 years of primary congenital glaucoma in Denmark Daniella Bach Holm (DK)
    14.25-14.40 FP2 Free paper abstracts
    14.40-15.00 RF2 Rapid Fire abstracts
    15.00-15.30 Coffee break + posters + exhibition
    15.30-15.45 L11 Craniosynostosis, who needs surgery and when Hanne Hove (DK)
    15.45-16.00 L12 Peter Toft (DK)
    16.00-16.20 L13 Videosession Ken Nishal (US) and others
    FP3 Free paper abstracts
    RF3 Rapid Fire abstracts
    17.30-18.30 General assembly
    19.30 Dinner at ZOO

    Saturday 30 May
    9.00-12.30 Pharmacological treatments + infectious diseases in the first year
    Moderators: Darius Hildebrand (UK)  Olivert Ehrt (D), Helena Buch Heesgaard (DK) and Lisbeth Sandfeld (DK)
    9.00-9.15 L14 Tips and tricks to examining the baby Darius Hildebrandt (UK)
    9.15-9.30 L15 TORCH infections in babies Uwe Pleyer (DE)
    9.30-9.45 L16 What to consider when using eye drops in babies Jens Chr Nørregaard (DK)
    9.45-10.00 L17 Steroids. Differences in pharmacokinetics between different steroids, systemic side effects and
    influence of genetics Regitze Bangsgaard (DK)
    10.00-10.15 FP4 Free paper abstracts
    10.15-10.30 RF4 Rapid Fire abstracts
    10.30-11.00 Coffee break + posters + exhibition
    11.00-12.30 Neuroophthalmology in babies
    11.00-11.15 L18 Signs of brain tumours in babies Sarah von Holstein
    11.15-11.30 L19 Midline from eyes to brain: an evolutionary perspective Marcel ten Tusscher (BE)
    11.30-11.45 L20 The Brain stem and corpus callosum Anne Cees Houtmann (BE)
    11.45-12.00 L21 The optic nerve as a cause of visual impairment Robert Matthieu
    12.00-12.15 FP5 Free paper abstracts
    12.15-12.30 RF5 Rapid Fire abstracts
    12.30-13.30 Lunch + posters + exhibition
    13.30-17.00 The baby who dosen't see Moderators:
    Else Gade (DK) and Line Kessel (DK)
    13.30-13.45 L22 The baby that cannot see Ingele Castels
    13.45-14.00 L23 Lebers congenital amaurosis and retinal dystrophies in young children Mette Bertelsen (DK)
    14.00-14.15 L24 Gene therapy Bart Leroy (BE/US)
    14.15-14.30 L25 The role of early visual electrodiagnostics Manca Pompe (SLO)
    14.30-14.45 L26 The impact of congenital blindness and visual impairment on self esteem and self concept Liv Berit Augestad (NO)
    14.45-15.00 FP6 Free paper abstracts
    15.00-15.30 Coffee break + posters + exhibition
    15.30-15.45 L27 Epidemiology and causes of nystagmus and lack of eye contact in babies Line Kessel (DK)
    15.45-16.00 L28 Albinism Karen Grønskov (DK)
    16.00-16.15 RF6 Rapid Fire abstracts
    16.15-17.00 Round table discussion of video-cases of childen with poor eye contact, audience interaction
    17.00-17.30 End of conference and closing remarks


  • The Maersk Tower

    EPOS 2020 Conference Organiser:
    C/O CAP Partner
    Nordre Fasanvej 113
    DK-2000 Frederiksberg

    Phone: +45 70 20 03 05
    Fax:     +45 70 20 03 15


    Please contact the organizer for further information.