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Fellowship Award - Global Ophthalmology Awards Program (GOAP)

max. 50,000 $

submission deadline

We would like to draw your attention to the Global Ophthalmology Awards Program (GOAP) – a unique initiative established by Bayer in 2012 to support research projects that advance scientific understanding of retinal diseases.

To date, 70 research grants, totaling US$3.5million, have been awarded to support a range of innovative ophthalmology research projects, including 12 grants in 2018.


Your opportunity to receive a grant that could you to:

  • Make significant contributions to research in ophthalmology
  • Complete further investigations/experiments
  • Contribute to tangible benefits for patients with retinal disorders
  • Improve patient access to high-quality eye care
  • Increase disease understanding and dissemination of scientific knowledge trough publications


For the Fellowship describe your proposed project and the justification for the proposed methods, including power calculations for justification of your sample sizes, where appropriate. Furthermore describe any future work anticipated from completion of this project, especially with regard to care of patients with retinal disorders.

The research grant will be invested in your workspace to enable future researches.
Bisherige Preiseträger:

2019 | 12 Awardees

2018 | 12 Awardees

2017 | 12 Awardees

2016 | 11 Awardees

2015 | 10 Awardees

2014 | 11 Awardees

2013 | 9 Awardees

2012 | 5 Awardees


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