Laminar flow for ophthalmology
Published by Normeditec

Operio is a focused laminar flow unit positioned in the perioperative area directly on the surgical wound, without introducing obstacles into the zone. This technology continuously produces sterile air, removing airborne particles and microorganisms from the critical zone of the surgical site and instruments. The Operio focused laminar flow unit uses the air around the operating theatre and filters it through Hepa filters, cleaning the air of 99.99% of bacteria and microorganisms. The operio unit creates an ultraclean sterile zone for both operating field and instruments. The mobile laminar flow acts directly on the surgical site and instrument table without being impeded, thus reducing by up to 95% the bacterial load on the surgical site and instrument table.


The unit can be used immediately without construction work. It creates an extreme high degree of asepsis independently of the previous conditions of the room.


The unit can be used for all kind of ophthalmology surgery like cataract removal, cornea transplant, glaucoma surgery, retinal reattachment, and eye-related plastic surgery as well as intravitreal injections.


Operio: the air is filtered through Hepa filters free of microorganisms and then directed immediately on to the surgical instruments and surgical site. It is only then distributed throughout the operating theatre. This protects the critical area of the operating theatre, i.e. the instruments and the surgical site. With this system, the bacterial load on the instruments and surgical site is reduced by 95% compared with conventional ventilation systems. A conventional ventilation system is not capable of sterilising the operating theatre in the short time between one operation and the next, thus promoting infections that can be transmitted from one patient to the next. The rapid succession of numerous patients in ophthalmology rooms creates a favourable environment for the transmission of infection agents, essentially through the use of medical instruments.


The direction of the air flow is easily controlled and the resulting sterile air zone is clearly shown via a “smart” visual indicator. The unit includes a sterile protective barrier that allows it to be placed close to the operating table and an integrated and removable instrument tray that can replace a standalone table, saving space in the OR. Operio is rolled into position either above the patient’s head for a right eye, or on the right side of the patient’s head for a left eye. It generates a laminar flow that sterilizes the field wherever it’s pointing.