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Ophthalmology Futures Forum - Asia 2018

Ophthalmology Futures Forums (TM)
Wan Chai, Hongkong
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    07.02.2018, 08:30 - 17:30
    Ophthalmology Futures Forum / Vision Futures Ltd.
    The meeting of the Ophthalmology Futures Forum Asia 2018 in Hong Kong gathers a diverse panel of key members of the ophthalmology community from industry, academia and financial investment practices, discussing the future of ophthalmological specialities.


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  •     Wednesday, 07 February 2018       
    08:30-08:45   Welcome from Ophthalmology Futures Forums and the Hong Kong Ophthalmological Society   Keith Barton, Dexter Leung, Kuldev Singh
    08:45-09:00   Guest of Honour   Prof Anthony Wu GBS JP
    09:00-09:30   Retinal Imaging and Artificial Intelligence      
        Panellists: Tien Yin Wong (Singapore), Robert Chang (Stanford), Adnan Tufail (London), Ian Wong (Hong Kong), Haogang Zhu (Beijing)      
    09:30-10:40    Small Private Company Presentations   Chair: Chelvin Sng (Singapore)
    10:40-11:10    Focus on Myopia      
        Panellists: Marcus Ang (Singapore), Naveed Shams (Santen), Pauline Cho (Hong Kong), Saw Seang Mei (Singapore), Donald Tan (Singapore)      
    11:30-12:10   Ocular Surface      
        Panellists: Robert Dempsey (Shire), Shigeru Kinoshita (Kyoto), Jimin Lee (Bausch+Lomb), Lipika Roy (Allergan), Zuguo Liu (Xiamen)      
    12:00-12:30   The Regulatory Pathway in China   Chair: Chengjin Jin (Guangzhou)
    12:30-13:00   Wooing Asian Investors   Chair: Fay Xing (Wuxi Ventures, Shanghai)
        Panellists: Sylvia He (Hyfinity Fund, China), Yen-Chen Huang (Diamond Biofund, Taipei), XQ Lin (Esco Ventures, Singapore), Richel Liu (Rimonci Capital, Beijing), Yen-Chen Huang (Diamond Biofund, Tiawan)      
    13:50-14:20   Glaucoma Drug Delivery and Devices   Chair: Keith Barton (London)
    14:20-15:30   Small Private Company Presentations      
    15:30-16:00   Laser Refractive Surgery   Chair: Jod Mehta (Singapore)
    16:20-16:50   Presbyopia and Cataracts: Femto, Eyedrops and Accommodating IOL’s   Chair: Sunil Shah (Birmingham)
    16:50-End   A View from Global Corporate Leaders      
        Global Corporate Leaders: Robert Dempsey (Shire), Calvin Roberts (Bausch+Lomb), Baldo Sforzolini (Allergan), Naveed Shams (Santen)      


  • Renaissance Hong Kong Harbour View Hotel

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