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EYEFOX provides the largest database of ophthalmic training courses, congresses and events worldwide.


Newsletter content:

  • Between 30 to 200 new or essentially updated events
  • Ophthalmology job vacancies
  • Classified ads
  • Company news
  • Current tenders of all free panel practice vacancies in Germany

Cadence of modification: daily, continuous


Themed newsletter: every two weeks


Congress newsleter: on largest German congresses (DGII, AAD, DOC and DOG)


Target group: Ophthalmologists, optometrists, residents and trainees, orthoptists and healthcare personnel, opticians, nurses and administration personnel within the ophthalmology field


Page impressions 2014-2016


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 *The information is always relevant to the number of the previous quarter.


Active Users on  2014-2016


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Division into professional groups: 60 % ophthalmologists, 8% orthoptists & opticians, 12% healthcare personnel, 10% administration & management; 1% students, 9% other

Division into countries
74 % Germany, 6% USA, 6% Austria, 4% Switzerland,  2% India, 1% France, 7% other


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