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5th ITEDS Thyroid Eye Disease Symposium

169608 Singapore, Singapur

5th ITEDS Thyroid Eye Disease Symposium

Current Perspectives in the Management Thyroid Eye Disease: East Meets West

20.02.2019, 08:00 - 23.02.2019, 18:00
International Thyroid Eye Disease Society (ITEDS)
Themed “Current Perspectives in the Management Thyroid Eye Disease: East Meets West”, all segments of the Symposium will be helmed by renowned experts specially gathered to share their expertise and years of experience. They will cover all aspects of Thyroid Eye Disease and there will be something for everyone: the medical student, allied health specialist, physician, endocrinologist, ophthalmologist and orbit surgeon. A detailed programme will be available very soon in upcoming announcements.


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Vom Veranstalter gemeldetes Programm:
  ITEDS 2019 Singapore - Pre-Congress Teaching Course  
Time Topic Speaker
  Session 1: ABCs of Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)  
Beyond the Eye
Seah Lay Leng / Kelvin Chong / Jimmy Uddin  
08:00am - 08:05am Welcome Message Seah Lay Leng 
08:05am - 08:10am ITEDS education program Kelvin Chong
08:10am - 08:15am Clinical, laboratory and imaging characteristics of Graves Disease Chng Chiaw Ling 
08:15am - 08:25am The role of thyroid autoantibodies in the management of Graves disease Marius Stan 
08:25am - 08:45am Evidence based treatment options for Graves disease Marius Stan 
08:45am - 08:55am Q & A  
The Many Facets of Thyroid Eye Disease
Yip Chee Chew / Don Kikkawa / Lelio Baldeschi  
09:00am - 09:15am Pathogenesis of TED - an overview Terry Smith 
09:15am - 0945am Clinical manifestations of TED
David Verty
Louise Mawn
Seah Lay Leng
09:45am - 10:00am Clinical assessment of patients with TED  
10:00am - 10:10am Q & A  
  Session 2: A Multi-Pronged Approach to the Disease  
Multidisciplinary Matters
Jimmy Uddin, Chng Chiaw Ling/ Geoffrey Rose   
10.30am -10.40am Role of immunomodulation and new targeted therapy  Terry Smith 
10.40am -10.50am Radioactive iodine {RAI) treatment for Graves'
disease -Indications, procedure and potential complications
Aaron Tong 
10.50am - 11.00am Does RAI worsen TED? David Verity
11.00am - 11.10am Thyroidectomy in TED -Role and timing Rajeev Parameswaran
11:10am - 11:18am  Q & A All faculty
To Image or Not to Image
Diego Strlanese / Hunter Yuen / Louise Mawn   
11.20am - 11.30am Which TED patients need imaging? Audrey Looi
11.30am - 11.40am CT vs MRI -Imaging of choice in TED Gangadhara Sundar
11.40am - 11.50pm  Are there radiological features predictive of CON risk?  Chan Ling ling 
11.50pm - 12.00pm Surgical planning for orbital decompression with CT guidance  Yip Chee Chew 
12.00pm - 12.15pm Is this TED or not - Quiz & Discussion Time! Tim Sullivan
12:15pm - 12:25pm  Q & A All faculty 
  Session 3: Medical Management of TED   

Don Kikkawa / Yip Chee Chew / Terry Smith   
1.10pm - 1.20pm Role of nutrition, selenium and supplements In TED Sunny Shen 
1.20pm - 1.35pm lmmunosuppressive therapy for TED: IVMP and other steroid sparing agents  Luigi Bartalena
1.35pm - 1.45pm Biologics for TED: What's new and what works Tim Sullivan 
1.45pm - 1.55pm  New paradigm with biologilcals In the treatment of TED  Ray Douglas
1.55pm - 2.05pm  The role of radiotherapy for TED Peter Dolman 
2.05pm - 2.15pm Q & A  
  Session 4: Surgical Management of TED   
Orbital Decompression 
Tim Sullivan / Yoon-Duck Kim / David Verity   
2.20pm - 2:30pm  Surgical strategies in orbital decompression Lelio Baldeschi
2:30pm - 2.40pm  Orbital decompression in TED - Medial wall and floor Yoon-Duck Kim 
2.40pm - 2.50pm  Orbital decompression in TED -lateral wall David Liu 
2.50pm - 3.00pm  Does endoscopic surgery have a role in TED? Kelvin Chong
3.00pm - 3.10pm  When do I perform fat decompression?  Liao Shu Lang 
3.10pm - 3.20pm  Complications following surgical decompression for TED patients  Don Kikkawa 
3.25pm - 3:35pm Q & A  
Stroblsmus In TED
Sonal Farzavandi / GIii Adams / Maorin Mourlts  
4.00pm - 4.10pm Evaluation of ocular motillty In TED Joanna Siagal
4.10pm - 4.20pm Pre -op testing to help the squint surgeon  Godts Daisy 
4.20pm - 4.30pm  Mimickers of TED Dean Cestari
4.30pm - 4.40pm  Principles of squint surgery In TED Gill Adams 
4.40pm - 4.50pm  Scenarios to avoid In squint surgery for TEO Jonathan Holmes
4.50pm - 5.00pm Q & A  
Eyelid Rehabillitation surgery In TED patients
Suzzane Freitag / Gangadhara Sundar / Sunny Shen   
5.00pm - 5.10pm  Upper lid retraction In TED - Natural history and non-surgical management Stephanie Young
5.00pm - 5.20pm  Eyelid Lengthening In TED  Maartin Mourits 
5.20pm - 5.30pm  Repair of lower lid retraction in TED Lu Wie
5.30pm - 5.40pm  Q & A  
  End of Pre-Congress   
  ITEDS 2019 Singapore -Main Symposium Day 1  
Time Topic Speaker
  Session 1: Patient's Perspectives of TED   

Peter Dolman/ Seah Lay Leng  
8:00am - 8:05am Welcome Address Seah Lay Leng 
8.05am - 8.15am  A TED patient's journey-Living with TED  Morgan Yang 
8:15am - 8.25am  Quality of life in patients with TED  Peter Dolman 
8.25am - 8.30am  Free paper - QOL assessment in TED patients in Singapore  Livia Teo 
8.30am - 8.39am  Q & A  
  Session 2: Clinical Manifestation & Diagnosis of Thyroid Disease and TED   
CHAIRS:  Louise Mawn / Morgan Yang/ Jimmy Uddin   
8.40am - 9.00am  KEYNOTE LECTURE: by Peter Dolman  Peter Dolman 
9.00am - 9.05am  Free paper - Visual Field & Computed tomography
correlation in Compressive Optic neuropathy in TED 
Suzanne Freitag 
9.05am - 9.20am  The relationship between autoimmune thyroid disease {AITD} and TED  Luigi Bartalena 
9.20am - 9.30am  The role of thyroid autoantibodies in patients with
TED -Current and future concepts 
M Stan
9.30am - 9.50am  Treatment of hyperthyroidism in patients with
TED M Stan -Current options and future directions
M Stan
9.50am -10.00am  Q & A  
10.00am -10.30am  OPENING CEREMONY   
  Session 3: Specific Presentation of TED   
10.50am - 10.55am Free paper   
10.55am - 11.05am  Euthyroid and Hypothyroid TED  Lakshmi Mahesh {TBC) 
11.05am - 11.25am Differential Diagnosis of Orbital Inflammation (Interactive) Geoffrey Rose 
11.25am - 11.35am  lgG4 and TED -Are they related  TBC
11.35am - 11.45am Paediatric TED-How is their management different from adults?  Peerooz Saeed 
11.45am - 11.55pm  Q & A  
  Session 4: Pathogenesis of TED   
CHAIRS:  Terry Smith/ Kelvin Chong/ Kyung In Woo   
11.55am - 12.00pm  Vascular Growth Factors in TED  Grace Lee 
12.00pm - 12.05pm  Transcriptome analysis of compressive optic neuropathy in TED  Bobby S Korn 
12.05pm - 12.15pm Role of High Mobility Group Box 1 in the
Inflammatory Pathogenesis of Grave's Disease
Yoon JS 
12.15pm - 12.20pm  Insights into local orbital immunity: Evidence for Thl 7 cell pathway in TAO  Fang Sijie 
12.20pm - 12.30pm  Q & A  
  Session 5: Genetics and Epidemiology   
CHAIRS David Verity/ Liao Shu Lang/ Ray Douglas   
1.35pm - 1.40pm  Free paper   
1.40pm - 2.00pm  KEYNOTE LECTURE: Molecular mechanisms in the pathogenesis of TED  Terry Smith 
2.00pm - 2.15pm  Epidemiology and genetic factors associated with Graves' Disease and TED  Luigi Bartalena 
2.15pm - 2.25pm  TED: An Asian experience  Seah Lay Leng 
2.25pm - 2.35pm  The different phenotypes of TED  Jimmy Uddin 
2.35pm - 2.40pm  Free paper   
2.40pm - 2.50pm  Q & A  
  Session 6: Risk Factors for TED   
CHAIRS:  Jimmy Uddin/ Peeroz Saeed/ Jang Jae Woo   
2.50pm - 3.00pm  Risk Factors for TED  MarkJ Lucarelli 
3.00pm - 3.05pm  Free paper   
3.05pm - 3.10pm  Free paper   
3.10pm - 3.15pm  Free paper   
3.15pm - 3.25pm  Q & A  
  Session 7: Medical Management of TED {1}   
CHAIRS:  Yoon-Duck Kim/ Chng Chiaw Ling/ Mark Lucarelli   
3.25pm - 3.35pm The natural history of mild Graves' Orbitopathy  Maartin Mourits 
3.35pm - 3.45pm  dvances in treatment of mild. moderate and severe TED  Diego Strianese 
3.45pm - 3.55pm  Systemic steroid treatment for TED {1): Who, What and How  Luigi Bartalena 
3.SSpm - 4.05pm Systemic steroid treatment {2}: Contraindications and risks  Lim Lee Hooi 
4.05pm - 4.15pm  Q & A  
  Session 8: Medical Management of TED (2)   
CHAIRS :  Shantha Amrith / Kashima Tomoyuki / Suzzane Frietag   
4.35pm - 4.45pm  Combined orbital radiotherapy and IV
methylprednisolone in the management of TED
Peter Dolman 
4.45pm - 4.55pm  Combined lmmunosuppression and Radiotherapy in TED - CIRTE D  Jimmy Uddin 
4.55pm - 5.00pm Which is better for refractory TED - Orbital radiotherapy or Methotrexate?  Zhou Hui Fang 
5.00pm - 5.05pm  IVMP & MTX for treatment of TED Yong Kailing 
5.05pm - 5.15pm  Q & A  
CHAIRS:  Maartln Mourits / Morgan Yang/ Hunter Yuen   
5.15pm - 5.30pm  I mmuno-mod ulatory Treatment - Toclizumab / Teprotumumab -Can
medical treatment make surgery redundant in the near future? 
Terry Smith 
5.30pm - 5.45pm  The Path from Theory to Reality  Ray Douglas 
5.45pm - 5.50pm  Q & A   
  End of Day 1 Conference   
  ITEDS 2019 Singapore -Main Symposium Day 2  
  Session 9: Surgical Management of TED {1) with VIDEO  
CHAIRS: Peerooz Saeed / Robert Goldberg/ Yip Chee Chew  
8.00am - 8.10am Strategies in surgical decompression for TED Liao Shu Lang 
8.10am - 8.25am Orbital anatomy-Surgical landmarks of significance in orbital decompression Robert Goldberg 
8.25am - 8.40am Lateral orbital decompression/ Small incision
approaches to orbital decompression
Robert Goldberg 
8.40am - 8.55am Endoscopic medial wall decompression Wu Wen Chan 
8.55am - 9.05am Orbital fat decompression Tomoyuki Kashima 
9.05am - 9.20am Navigation system for surgical decompression in TED  Fan Xian Qun 
9.20am - 9.30am Challenges in Orbital Decompression in Far East Asia  Suk Woo Yang 
9.30am - 9.35am Free Paper   
9.35am - 9.40am Free Paper   
9.40am - 9.50am Q&A   
  Session 10: Muscle Surgery for TED   
Sessions 10(A) CHAIRS:  Rosario Gomez de Liano, Vincent Paris, Jonathan Holmes   
10.10am -10.18am  Dysthyroid strabismus -a multifaceted disease  Lelio Baldeschi 
10.18am -10:26am  Muscle evaluation by OCT in TED  Rosario Gomez de Liano 
10.26am -10.34am  Timing for strabismus surgery in TED  Miho Sato 
10.34am -10.42am  Pre-operative dilemmas (or management) of thyroid related strabismus  Gatton Vasconcelos 
10.42am -10.50am Esotropia in TED Saurabh Jain
10.50am -10.58am Hypertropia in TED An- Guor Wang
10.58am -11.08am Break  
Sessions 10(8) CHAIRS:  Dean Cestari, Sonal Farzavandi, Galton Vasconcelos   
11.08am - 11.16am  Adjustable muscle plication for TED  Chong Bin Tsai 
11.16am - 11.24am  Intra-operative assessment in TED  Jonathan Holmes 
11.24am - 11.32am  Managing torsion in thyroid eye disease  Gill Adams 
11.32am - 11.40am  Surgical management of surprising cases  Vincent Paris 
11.40am - 12.20pm  Challenging cases for panel discussion and Dean Cestari,
Sonal Farzavandi 
  Session 11: Eyelid surgery for TED  
CHAIRS : Fan Xian Qun / Don Kikkawa / Yang Suk Woo  
1.20pm - 1.30pm Anatomy of the eye lids Takahashi Yasuhiro
1.30pm - 1.45pm GUEST LECTURE:
Aesthetic eyelid surgery for rehabilitation of TED patients
Robert Goldberg
1.45pm - 1.SSpm Surgery for upper lid retraction Hunter Yuen
1.55pm - 2.05pm Correction of acquired epiblepharon in TED patients. Li Dong Mei
2.05pm - 2.15pm Use of Botox / Filler/Steroid Injections for TED patients Woo Kyung In
2.15pm - 2.20pm Graded Blepharotomy Jason Lee
2.20pm - 2.25pm Free Paper  
2.25pm - 2.30pm Free Paper  
2.30pm - 2.40pm Q & A  
  Session 12: Bio markers for TED  
CHAIRS:  Jonathan Dutton/ Chng Chiaw Ling/ Jin Sook Yoon  
2.40 pm- 2.50pm Biomarkers for TED -An overview Terry Smith
2.50pm - 3.00pm Tear Proteomics in TED Zhou Lei
  Session 13: Medical Management of TED {3) - Case discussion  
CHAIRS: Chng Chiaw Ling/ Hunter Yuen/ Audrey Looi  
3.55pm - 4.00pm Introduction by Chair  
4.00pm - 4.10pm Case 1: Type 2 DM active TED Marius Stan,
Luigi Bartalena
4.10pm - 4.20pm Case 2: Thyroid cancer/ post total thyroidectomy / OM with active TED
4.20pm -4.30pm Q & A
  Session 14: Surgical Management of TED {2) - Case Discussion  
4.30pm -4.35pm  Introduction by Chair   
4.35pm -4.55pm  Case 1: Compressive optic neuropathy  Louise Mawn /
Peerooz Saeed/
Tim Sullivan/
Yoon-Duck Kim 
4.55pm -5.15pm  Case 2: Exposure keratopathy 
5.15pm -5.35pm  Case 3: Exophthalmos  Liao Shu Lang/
Mark Lucaralle /
Maartin Mourits /
Robert Goldberg 
5.35pm -5.55pm  Case 4: Management of post decompression corn plications 
5.55pm -6.00pm  Closing Remarks  Lay Leng Seah 


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