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International Conference on Eye and Vision

Columbus, Ohio, USA

International Conference on Eye and Vision

Advancing the Eye health for future Vision

02.11.2018 - 03.11.2018
conference series LLC
Conference Series LLC Ltd welcomes every one of the members over the globe to go to the Conference on International Conference on Eye and Vision going to be held amid November 02-03, 2018 at Columbus, Ohio,USA, which unites a special and worldwide blend of expansive and medium pharmaceutical, biotech and analytic organizations, driving colleges and clinical research foundations.
Fortbildungspunkte: beantragt


Max. Teilnehmer: unbegrenzt
Gebühren ab: 830,00 EUR
EarlyBird bis 19.07.2018: 740,00 EUR

On/Before July 19, 2018:
Speaker Registration - € 740,00
Package A (Registration + 2 Nights accommodation) - € 1020,00
Package B (Registration + 3 Nights accommodation - € 1150,00
Delegate Registration - € 570,00
Webinar Presentation - € 240,00

Final Call November 02, 2018:
Speaker Registration - € 830,00
Package A (Registration + 2 Nights accommodation) - € 1110,00
Package B (Registration + 3 Nights accommodation) - € 1240,00
Delegate Registration - € 660,00
Webinar Presentation - € 280,00

Accompanying Person: € 240,00
Poster Presentation: € 110,00


Max. Teilnehmer: unbegrenzt
Gebühren ab: 420,00 EUR
EarlyBird bis 19.07.2018: 320,00 EUR

On/Before July 19, 2018:
Young Research Forum - € 550,00
Student Registration - € 320,00
Student Delegate - € 370,00

Final Call November 02, 2018:
Young Research Forum - € 640,00
Student Registration - € 420,00
Student Delegate - € 460,00

Accompanying person: € 240,00
Poster Presentation: € 110,00


Max. Teilnehmer: unbegrenzt
Gebühren ab: 650,00 EUR
EarlyBird bis 19.07.2018: 560,00 EUR

On/Before July 19, 2018:
Only Registration - € 830,00
Package A (Registration + 2 Nights accomodation) - € 1110,00
Package B (Registration + 3 Nights accomodation) - € 1300,00
Delegate - € 560,00
Exhibitor - € 1830,00

Final Call November 02, 2018:
Only Registration - € 920,00
Package A (Registration + 2 Nights accomodation) - € 1200,00
Package B (Registration + 3 Nights accomodation) - € 1390,00
Delegate - € 650,00
Exhibitor - €1830,00

Accompanying Person: € 240,00
Poster Presentation: € 110,00
Diese Veranstaltung findet einmalig statt und bietet Fortbildungsmöglichkeiten für Fachärzte, Studenten/-innen und Industriemitarbeiter/-innen.
Die Zertifizierung wurde bei der European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME) beantragt.
Veranstaltungsnummer: 27818
Zertifizierung: beantragt
Gebühren ab: ab 320,00
Frühbucher: bis 19.07.2018
320,00 EUR
verfügbare Plätze: unbegrenzt
Sprache: Englisch
Anmeldeschluss: 02.11.2018
Vom Veranstalter gemeldetes Programm:



02 November 2018 - DAY 1



Diagnostic and therapeutic challenges associated with congenital cornea opacity

James V. Aquavella


Cell and gene therapy of corneal diseases with genetically modified mice

Winston W-Y Kao


The role of Meibomian Glands in ocular health and disease

Jack V. Greiner


Potentials of gene therapy for diabetic retinopathy targeting redox proteins

Lalit Singh Pukhrambam


Networking and Refreshment Break

Group Photo

Lunch Break


Role of Thiol Antioxidants in prevention and treatment of cataract

Nuran Ercal


Experimental study regarding the realization of a standardized protocol for the evaluation of the visual condition in Parkinson's disease

Michele Meglio


Buckling retinal detachment surgery in 2018: viable option or obsolete?

Georgios Blatsios


Papilledema in space flight: a new line vision to the Frisen classification from OCT images analysis

Igor Makarov


Efficiency of Myectomy Suture-less technique for large-angle Horizontal strabismus surgery

Said Abdulkader Jamaleddin


The application of electro-physical studies for the diagnosis of neurouveitis herpetic etiology

Guliyeva M. H. Huseynova


Trans Epithelial Photorefractive Keratectomy (TPRK): Long term follow up

Quasim. Quasem


Vitreoretinal surgery in a diabetic patient

Fábio Trindade




03 November 2018 - DAY 2


Keynote Forum


Complications of blepharoplasty surgery and how to repair them

James H Oestreicher


Etiopatogenesis, Real cure and Microsurgical Corneal Correction

Massimo Lombardi


Patient selection & Neuro-Adaption-Keys to success in Presbyopic Refractive Surgery

Claes Feinbaum


Developing skills in global health

Zaiba Malik


Networking and Refreshment Break


Accuracy of optical coherence tomography measurements of Rectus Muscle Insertions in adult patients undergoing strabismus surgery

Julia Dutra Rossetto


Congenital glaucoma (case presentation)

Basel Al Faaouri


Indications and perceptions towards eye removal surgeries among patients and parents / guardians at Muhimbili National Hospital

Florence Mutesi


Networking and Refreshment Break


Mentoring Residents and Medical Students

Zaiba Malik


Comparison of the Snellen Acuity Chart with the spectrum eye care software LogMAR Chart amongst children of school going age

Thokozile Ingrid Metsing


Outcome predictability in the management of DME

Ahmed ElBarky



Columbus, Ohio, USA
conference series LLC


Anmeldeschluss: 02.11.2018

Conference series LLC Ltd.
Steve Johnson
Tel.: +18008582189



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