Dry Eye Disease (DED)

Web-Seminar, Schweiz

Dry Eye Disease (DED)

Pathophysiology and current therapeutic options to optimize treatment for the long term

28.01.2021, 19:00 - 28.01.2021
European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology ESASO
Dry eye disease (DED) is a condition of the ocular surface in which multiple factors are responsible for the instability of the tear film, leading to symptoms that can significantly impact the quality of life of many individuals across Europe and worldwide. DED is both underdiagnosed and undertreated. Current clinical practice in terms of understanding, diagnosing and managing dry eye may be suboptimal, representing a gap in patient care.
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Scientific coordinator Prof Harminder Dua, UK
Moderator Prof Edoardo Villani, Italy
Speakers Prof Harminder Dua, UK
                Prof Elisabeth Messmer, Germany


19:00 - 19:05 Welcome and introduction Prof Edoardo Villani
19:05 - 19:25 Understanding the underlying condition
and therapeutic mechanisms of DED:
- Pathophysiology and the vicious cycle of
- DED etiologies and ocular inflammation
- Current therapeutic options in DED
Prof Harminder Dua
19:25 - 19:50 Patient spotlight:
Clinical case studies of patients with DED
Prof Elisabeth Messmer
19:50 - 20:25 Ask the Experts:
Panel discussion with Q&A
All speakers
20:25 - 20:30 Summary and meeting close Prof Edoardo Villani
28 January 2021, from 7 p.m. CEST on eLOS

This event is virtual. Please keep in mind the time may changes due to your location.


Web-Seminar, Schweiz
European School for Advanced Studies in Ophthalmology ESASO

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