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Taking care of meibomian gland disease

online, Großbritannien

Taking care of meibomian gland disease

Optometry Today Webinar

14.12.2020, 20:00 - 14.12.2020, 21:00
Association of Optometrists (AOP)
Optometry Today, in partnership with Lumenis and the AOP, are pleased to provide this 60 minute webinar where consultant ophthalmologist, Sheraz Daya, will explore the contemporary treatment options for meibomian gland dysfunction. An overview of the disease process, examination techniques to allow diagnosis and the relative merits of different management strategies will be described.
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Please note that this session was run at 100% Optical in January 2020. If you attended this session previously you will not be eligible for the interactive CET point.

Sheraz Daya is the founder and medical director at Centre for Sight with three centres in the UK. Previously he was director of the corneoplastic unit and eye bank at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS Trust.

Sheraz performed the first LASIK laser vision correction procedure in the UK and became a well-known trainer of the procedure. He has pioneered a number of techniques and has been involved in the area of limbal stem cell transplantation and tissue engineering with outcomes being reported in the international press and peer-reviewed literature.

He has invented a series of innovative ophthalmic instruments for use in implantable contact lens, corneal transplantation, collagen cross linking, laser refractive surgery and laser cataract surgery.


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Taking care of meibomian glad disease
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online, Großbritannien
Association of Optometrists (AOP)

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