Retina Society 2020 VR

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Retina Society 2020 VR

53rd Annual Scientific Meeting

21.09.2020 - 22.09.2020
The Retina Society
The Retina Society 2020 VR Live will be dynamic, interactive, and a new digital platform to connect colleagues, to discuss and debate interesting cases and surgical challenges, to learn from award-winning honorees and to envision the new future of Retina in delivery of care, education and translational clinical research. It will be an enduring on-demand digital platform for pre-recorded Abstract, Poster, Interesting Case and Surgical Video presentations.
The Retina Society 2020 VR will offer CME credits.


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Abstract: 18.05.2020
The Retina Society 2020 Virtual Abstract, Interesting Case and Video Submissions, and the Retina Research Fellowship Award and Margherio Fellows Award deadlines have all been extended to Monday, May 18, 2020. Abstract submission is for members, their sponsored guests, and member-sponsored fellows only. The Sponsor and Digital Exhibitors deadline is extended to July 1, 2020.
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Abstract: 18.05.2020
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Vom Veranstalter gemeldetes Programm:

The scientifc program has not been published yet. We will update any information asap.

Meeting Format and Content

Meeting Format and ContentRetina Society 2020 VR Live events will be dynamic live stream events with Interesting Case and Surgical Video Panels with interactive discussion and debate, Hot Topics Panels, Special Symposia and Interviews during two consecutive evenings, exact times pending. Due to time limitations with live stream events, scientific content will also be available on-demand.
Retina Society 2020 VR 24/7 will be on-demand and feature Retina Society Member, Sponsored Guests and Fellows narrated videos, PowerPoint / Keynote and Poster presentations. These presentations will be uploaded to the Retina Society 2020 VR Platform this summer (dates pending) for on-demand scientific and educational content for registered meeting attendees.
Retina Society 2020 VR Retina Ecosystem Exhibition will connect attendees with our retina ecosystem partners and showcase the latest interventions, innovations and technologies.



Award of Merit in Retina Research

The Award of Merit in Retina Research was created in 1978 by Retina Research Foundation, Houston, Texas, to recognize outstanding vision scientists whose work contributes to knowledge about the retina and retinal diseases. Each year, the Awardee is invited to give the Charles L. Schepens Lecture, a highlight of the Retina Society annual meeting that was established in honor of the founder of the Society.

The award offers a $50,000 cash prize that includes a $5,000 honorarium and a $45,000 research grant. The recipient is chosen by the Awards Committee of the Retina Society. Funding for the award of Merit is provided by Retina Research Foundation through a series of endowed gifts that are dedicated to the Award.

The Retina Research Foundation of Houston, Texas presents the Award of Merit in Retina Research to a vision scientist whose work represents:

  • A single outstanding achievement in retina research, or; 
  • A potentially significant contribution to new knowledge about the retina, its role in the visual process and/or vitreoretinal diseases or disorders.

J. Donald M. Gass Lectureship

In 2006, The Retina Society inaugurated the J. Donald M. Gass lectureship. He was a peerless observer of the fundus. His unique and repeated ability to identify fundamental patterns of disease from the mass of seemingly chaotic details invites sincere comparison to Michelangelo working in marble. 

Fellowship Research Award

The Retina Society Fellowship Research Award was established in 1996 to encourage academic pursuit in young vitreoretinal surgeons and to acquaint them with the scientific and social aspects of the Society. The applicant must be sponsored by an active member of the Retina Society. Each paper is judged on originality, quality of investigation methods, and merit of scientific contribution.

Raymond R. Margherio Award

The Raymond R. Margherio Endowed Memorial Fund was established to support research into macular disease and development of new techniques of macular surgery. The Fund will support an award to be presented annually to a vitreoretinal fellow of an Active Member of the Retina Society. The fellow will present his work at the Annual Meeting of the Retina Society. The winner is selected by the Research Award Committee.

This event will be virtual.

, Großbritannien
The Retina Society

The Retina Society
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