33rd APACRS Annual Meeting

039593 Suntec City , Singapur

33rd APACRS Annual Meeting

Beyond 2020 | Progress to Perfection

08.07.2020, 15:00 - 11.07.2020, 17:30
The 33rd APACRS annual meeting will be held from the 8th to 11th of July 2020 at Singapore. Interesting lectures, symposiums, Allied Health Programs and Surgical Video Symposia will fulfill this meeting.


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Abstract: 09.02.2020
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Submitters must indicate whether they are submitting for presentation as a Free Paper, an ePoster or a Video for the Film Festival by choosing the appropriate presentation category.

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A Presenting Author whose abstract has been accepted is required to register and pay the registration fee for the annual meeting by 9 April 2020, attend the meeting, and make the presentation of the abstract.

Your paper(s) will not be considered and listed in the Final Program Book if your registration for the meeting is not completed with payment by 9 April 2020.
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Abstract: 09.02.2020
Vom Veranstalter gemeldetes Programm:

Wednesday 8th July 2020


Satellite Symposium
SNEC-SERI Symposium - Innovations in Ophthalmology

Thursday 9th July 2020


SNEC Instructional Course | Myopia Treatment
Audrey Chia, Seang Mei Saw, Kai Lyn Loh, Marcus Ang, Chee Wai Wong

or SNEC Symposium Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

or APACRS Masterclasses

  • Mastering Paediatric Cataract Surgery
    Course Directors: Abhay Vasavada & 
  • Mastering Toric IOLs
    Course Director: Tetsuro Oshika
  • Mastering Corneal Endothelial Transplantation
    Course Director: Donald Tan
  • SNEC Instructional Course: Myopia Treatment
    Course Director: Audrey Chia


Tea Break


Cornea Day
Chairs: Jodhbir Mehta, Ma Dominga Padilla

or SNEC Instructional Course | Managing the Posterior Segment in Cataract Surgery

or SNEC Symposium Glaucoma

or APACRS Masterclasses

  • Mastering Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS)
    Course Directors: Sanduk Ruit, Nikolle Tan
  • Mastering IOL Fixation
    Course Director: Chee Soon Phaik
  • Mastering Refractive Surgery Complications
    Course Directors: Cordelia Chan, Mohamad Rosman
  • SNEC Instructional Course: Posterior Segment in Cataract Surgery
    Course Directors: Gavin Tan, Lee Shu Yen


Lunch Symposia


Cornea Day
Chairs: Alvin Young, Vilavun Puangsricharern

or SNEC Instructional Course | Managing Ocular Trauma

or SNEC Symposium | Practical Pearls in Medical Retina

or APACRS Masterclasses

  • Mastering Crosslinking
    Course Directors: Lim Li, Theo Seiler
  • Mastering Biometry
    Course Director: Fam Han Bor
  • What they don´t teach you in residency
    Course Director: Ronald Yeoh
  • SNEC Intsructional Course: Ocular Trauma (multidisciplinary) Video intensive session
    Course Directors: Doric Wong, Anshu Arundhati, Wong Chee Wai


Tea Break


Cornea Day
Chairs: Donald Tan, Shigeru Kinoshita

or SNEC Instructional Course: Managing MIGS

or SNEC Symposium Updates in Neuroophthalmology | New Research Findings that may change your practice

or APACRS Masterclasses

  • Mastering Intrastromal Refractive Surgery
    Course Director: Sri Ganesh
  • Mastering Vitrectomy for Anterior Segment Surgeons
    Course Director: Ang Chong Lye
  • Mastering Phakic IOLs
    Course Directors: John Chang, Kimiya Shimizu
  • SNEC Instructional Course: How (and when) not to do MIGS - a journey through complications
    Course Directors: Jayant V Iyer, Ike Ahmed

Friday 10th July 2020


APACRS Meet the Experts

or SNEC Alumni & Moorfields Symposium


Opening Ceremony

and APACRS Lim Lecture
by Ike Ahmed


Tea Break


APACRS-CSCRS | A joint plentary session of APACRS, ASCRS and ESCRS: Progress to Perfection - Technique vs. Technology

or SNEC Allied health program


Lunch Symposia


APACRS Symposium: Catarct Complications | Management & Avoidance
Chairs: Abhay Vasavada, Jalal Ahmed, Michael Knorz

or APACRS Symposium: IOL Innovation | Preparing for the future
Chairs: Abhay Vasavada, Jalal Ahmed, Michael Knorz

or APACRS Symposium: Refractive Surgery | Perfect Choice?
Chairs: Wing Kwong Chan, Nguyen Xuan, Edward Manche

or SNEC Allied Health Program


Tea Break


APACRS Film Festival, Symposium & Awards Ceremony
Chairman: Graham Barrett
Chief Judge: Ronald Yeoh

or SNEC Allied Health Program

or SIG Symposium: International Sjogren Syndrome research


Saturday 11th July 2020


APACRS Sunrise Lecture


Live Surgery/Surgical Video Symposium
Chairs: Graham Barrett, Ronald Yeoh


Tea Break


APACRS Symposium: Cataract Challenges | Scaling the heights
Chairs: Ke Yao, Chong Lye Ang, Pannet Pangputhipong

or APACRS Symposium: All i want is everything | The near and far of everything
Chairs: Do-Hyung Lee, Yoshihiko Ninomiya, Michael Lawless

or APACRS Symposium: Now everyone can see!
Chairs: Sanduk Ruit, Anuchit Poonyathalang, Nikolle Tan

or SNEC Symposium: Paediatric Ophthalmology & Strabismus

or SNEC Nursing Program


Lunch Symposia


APACRS Symposium: Ophthalmic Premier League
Chairs: Amar Agarwal, Graha, Barrett
Moderators: John Chang, Gerd Auffarth

or APACRS Symposium: Cataract Surgery | Consistent and Confident
Chairs: Y.C. Lee, Tim Roberts

or SNEC Symposium: Advances in surgical Retina

or SNEC Nursing Program


Tea Break


APACRS Symposium: Top Gun | Top Cataract Surhery Tips
Chairs: Abhay Vasavada, Ronald Yeoh, Graham Barrett

or SNEC Nursing Program


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